Friday, April 3, 2009

FIC-Rose/Pink Roundup 3

Wooo hooo!!!!!! finally am with the last n final roundup for Food In Colour -Pink/Rose gonna presents u all the delicious, creamy, frozen n tempting desserts in pink dress...everything is absolutely delish and really my blogger friends are very creative to bring me these delicious treats..Thanks once again to all the participants..

1)Rose Shrikhand from Meera of Enjoy Indian food, delicious pink shrikhand prepared with sourcream n rose syrup,such a beautiful and creamy dessert..

2)Watermelon Pudding from Madhumathi of Madhu's Food Journal, gorgeous pudding prepared with condensed milk, watermelon juice n chinagrass, wonderful and creative dessert..

3)Sandwich Cake from Priya of My Vegetarian Recipes, initally proposed by priya's co-sister this layer cake is made with eggless cake, strawberry cream and finally with strawberry jelly...kudos to u n ur co-sister Priya..awesome work!

4)Pink Salad from Yachna Khanna of The Swiss Cafe, creamy mildly pink salad with fruits,marshmallows, condensed milk..quite a tempting salad!

5)Strawberry Bavarois from Phanitha of Phanitha's Kitchenette, gorgeous heart shaped bavarois with a candle light romantic!

6)Blackberry Buttercream Frosting from Gretchen Noelle Jones of Canela and Comino, She teach us how to make buttercream frosting with blackberries, really helpful for novice bakers..have a look at her blog for this amazing pinkish frosting..

7)Strawberry Cake from Vidya Venky of Vidya's Creations, delicious pinkish cake with strawberry cake mix for her 50th post..

8)Strawberry Mousse from Nuria of Spanish Recipes, creamy mousse prepared with strawberries, mascarpone cheese, gelatin..delectable dessert!

9)Waterapple Jelly from Rachel of Tangerine's Kitchen, lovely jelly with waterapples, if u doesnt seen r want know about waterapple have a look at rachel's blog...

10)Pink Fruit Salad from Radhika Vasanth of Sourashtra Kitchen, quite a beautiful mixed pink fruits salad..

11)Healthy Strawberry Yoghurt from Redchillies, beautiful pinkish yoghurt with strawberries with flax seeds..

12)Strawberry Yoghurt from Arch of The Yum Factor, delicious creamy strawberry yoghurt..

13)Strawberry Yoghurt from Madhu of Ruchii, another delicious mildly pink strawberry yoghurt with lots of nuts..

14)Cake Custard Pudding from Vidhas of Appetizing Recipes, interesting cake custard pudding with plain cake, custard powde n beautifully decorated with jam..easy n delicious dessert..

15)Rose Cham Cham from Mangala of Recipes 24Seven, prepared this yummy, gorgeous pink cham cham, beautiful creative work Mangala!!

16)Pink Coconut Laddu from Uma of Essence of Andhra, delicious coconut balls dressed in pink colour, one more creative work from Uma...

17)Beet Halwa from Sanghi of Sanghi's Food Delights, terrific halwa with an amazing colour..

18)Almond Peda from Trupti of Recipe Center, cute almond pedas with mild pink colour..

19)Pink Kaju Katli from Madhuram of Eggless Cooking, Beautiful cashewnut triangles prepared with cashewnuts n coloured as pink..

20)Sabudana Vanilla Laddoos & Strawbery Vanilla Icecreamfrom Sanika N of
Spicy&Tangy...Sweet&Yummy!!!, colourful laddoo with vanilla flavoured sabudana n coloured with pink food colour!!thats so cute and icecream with strawberry, raspberry another entry from Sanika..

21)Pink Sandesh & Falooda from Usha Nandini of Usha Nandini's Recipes, creative pink heart shaped sandesh n gorgeous falooda tempting drink..

22)Strawberry Paneer from Deepa Hari from Simple Home Cooking, have u ever heard about strawberrypaneer, yea deepa prepared paneer with strawberry puree, she prepared a drink with the whey n rice with strawberry paneer..So creative!

23)Rose Rasmalai from Parita Shah of Parita's Kitchen, gorgeous, creamy n tempting pink rasmalai..

24)Pineapple Kesari from Mahimaa of Indian Vegetarian Kitchen, kesari with pineapple chunks but coloured as pink..Delicious pink kesari!

25)Strawberry Bundt Cake & Strawberry Icecream by Sunshinemom of Tongue Ticklers, eggless bundt cake with strawberry puree n icecream with strawberries!!

26)Watermelonn Granita from Lubna of Yummy food, a prefect summer dessert with watermelon, gorgeous granita!

27)Frozen Strawberry Yoghurt from Simran of Bombay Foodie send us this delicious pink frozen dessert with strawberries..

28)Strawberry Frozen Yoghurt by Valarmathi of Simple and Yummy Recipes, one more gorgeous pink frozen strawberry dessert..

29)Falooda from Kamala of Moms Recipes, another gorgeous n tempting falooda from Kamala with milk, rose syrup, sev and vanilla ice cream..

30)Strawberry Kulfi from Raaga of The Singing Chef, yummy kulfi with condensed milk and strawberry pulp..

31)Eggless Strawberry Icecream,Beets N Broken Wheat Kheer & Rose Kalakand are my rose entries..

Here comes two entries prepared with eggs..

32)Strawberry Muffins from Janne Marijke of The Bitesize, scrumptious muffins with strawberries with eggs...

33)Strawberry Icecream from Uj of Ujwal's Kitchlab, Icecream with strawberries, eggs..

Finally Royal Falooda from Haag , a non blogger send her royal falooda recipe for FIC-Rose/Pink..

Rose Syrup: 4-5tbsp
Sabje Ke Beej/Tukmaria:4tbsp
White falooda: Heaped handful
Vanilla Ice Cream:1 big scoop
Crushed Ice: 2tbsp

Sabje Ke Beej: These are black seed available in any indian grocery stroe.
Soak a handful of these seeds overnite in water, they grow as transparent jelly around them after they are soaked, a small handful yield a lot, can keep them in fridge for a couple of says..

Rose syrup:
Rose Essence (as required)
Rose Water:3tbsp
Red/pink colour

Boil sugar n water for few minutes till sugar get dissolves, let it cool..then add rose essence, rose water and food completely and store in jar, use this syrup as per ur need..

White Falooda:
Corn Starch/Corn flour:7.5tbsp
Sev Presser
Ice Cold water with ice cubes

Mix corn starch with water,put it on fire and cook stirring continously on medium temperature until they turns transperant consistency, put the hot mixture in a sev presser n press it into the ice cold water with ice cubes, this falooda sev should be kept in water, add a tbsp of sugar, can be kept fro only 1-2days..

In a tall glass put the soaked sub je ke beej, now put the some crushed ice cubbes over that, next add the white falooda over that n put the rose syrup after that..fill the glass with milk as 3/4th , tilt it so the rose syrup remains on bottom, top it with big scoop of store bought vanilla ice cream, Garnish as you like..

Enjoy the cold simply delicious Royal Falooda!!

Next FIC event was hosted by Neha of Tasty Recipes as the combo of Red and Green, check her blog for details..


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Desserts are really tempting..Looking lovely with nice pink color..

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FH said... Reply To This Comment

YUMMY! Lot of Pink Yogurts here too, great job Priya. I saw mine in the first round, looks great. There are so many, you did a good job organizing! :)

See you on Monday, have a good one.

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Good job priya ..Thanks for hosting wonderful event .i am glad that i am part of this event Thanks da .Great work :)

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Well done Priya, beautiful 3 parts round-ups in pretty pink.

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Wow,Priya..I admire your patience n hard work..3 great round ups..Its great..Love the slide show.All the entries are amazing :)

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Lovely desserts Priya...nice treat to the eyes...Good job.

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Great effort you put to the pinky round-up!

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Lovely round up, HAts off Priya, great job

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Lovely roundup Priya, good job...

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Amazing round up Priya....

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Great roundup Priya! Pink is just beautiful.

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oh wow thats a beautiful roundup congrats on your suceess, and finishing your first event waiting for many more like this fro you great job keep itup dear

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keep it up for hosting this event! ur round up was so quick :)

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A very great many entries...God job hosting.

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Hi Priya,
it's a pleasure to see the round ups of events it really is a treat n feast to eyes!
wishing u many more success' like this one.

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Lovely round up Priya..lots of Pink entries ..good job

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Thank you for an excellent round up:)! I still haven't been able to go through all the lovely recipes here!!

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Lovely roundup priya..! One small change, kindly correct my name in the description as 'Sanghi'.

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What a great round-up!