Monday, April 20, 2009

Yakisoba ( Soba Noodles With Vegetables N Tofu)

Japanese foods, its quite a new cuisine for me to try out...I never tried or had japanese dishes until Lavi was asking her blogger friends to come up with Japanese dishes..As am curious to know more about japanese cuisine, i went through google and completely got hooked with delicious and easy japanese dish, i was really happy to introduce this fabulous cuisine to my family who also loved having these delicious noodles...i went to asian store with my list to try out japanese dishes...its was really interesting to went through many japanese noodles also their spices, sauces etc...I bought a packet of japanese soba noodles and back home i tried out this yummy fried noodles with plenty of colourful veggies and pan fried first japanese dish itself turned out marvellous and we loved it...This yakisoba noodles is my first entry to AWED-Japanese guest hosted by Lavi of Home Cook's Recipes, event started by DK...

500gms Soba noodles
1no Onion(slices)
1/2cup Carrots (juliennes)
1/2cup Red bell pepper (sliced)
1/2cup Sugar snaps
1tbsp Ginger (chopped)
3nos Garlic( minced)
1/3cup Soya sauce
1/3cup Rice vinegar
1cup Baby bokchoy(chopped) r any other greens
1/2cup Tofu cubes
1tsp Sugar
Sesame oil

In a small bowl, put soy sauce, rice vinegar and sugar, stir them well until the sugar gets dissolved, set aside. Boil water in a pan,put the noodles in the boiling water and cook for about 8 minutes, until they are tender...drain water from the noodles and rinse them with cold water.

Heat the sesame oil in a wokand add the onion slices to the heated oil, cook for few minutes, add the ginger, garlic, carrot, sugar snaps, baby bokchoy and saute for few minutes again until the veggies get tender...Meanwhile heat few drops of sesame oil in a pan and fry the tofu cubes on both sides, keep add the redbellpepper pieces with the already cooked noodles to the wok n saute everything for few pour the sauce over the veggies and noodles, cook the noodles for few minutes in simmer with lid closed...

Transfer the noodles to a serving platter and garnish the noodles with chopped green onions (optional) serve hot!

I have been to Lourdes for past two days, am very sorry friends for not visiting ur blogs and commenting, we had a great trip to this historical place, here is a picture of my visit to Lourdes in South France...


FH said... Reply To This Comment

OMG! I am loving the Lourdes photo, how lucky are you to visit there. I have heard lot of good things about that place! :)

Yakisoba is new, looks yum.

suvi said... Reply To This Comment

Loved the pix Priya!!
Like the way of making soba, will try this soon :)

BTW, just posted and sent you my entry for AFAM, hope you got it

Gita Jaishankar said... Reply To This Comment

France is a wonderful place Priya, we are planning to go for a trip to Europe (France, UK etc) May be we could meet then :) The noodles look lovely dear!

lubnakarim06 said... Reply To This Comment

Wow simply yummy....Nice to know that you had happy time....

vidhas said... Reply To This Comment

Lovley noodels , wonderful place, hope you had a nice time. noodles is my kids favourite will try soon.

Ramya Vijaykumar said... Reply To This Comment

Priya, you have made it look so good... Heard of Lourdes but I did like to visit soon... And we understand you disappearing act for a few days :)

Chutneytales said... Reply To This Comment

Japanese foods are new to me..I'm so scared to try them due to the unknown ingredients they use.Yakisoba is something I can try.looks simple and yum!
Hope you had a great time at Loudres!Nice pic :)

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Yakisoba looks yummy new..but love to have some..
The Lordes made me long too..jus a trip
lovely !!

Finla said... Reply To This Comment

My husbandsuncle and wife were there in lourde for a week last year,
Just bought japanese noodles on my last wisit to a chinese store, i still have to make something with them, and this dish looks really yumm.

Pooja said... Reply To This Comment

Nice pics priya..will try this noodles..

Deepa Hari said... Reply To This Comment

Yakisoba looks yum and new to me...Love the pic of Lourdes Priya....looks beautiful...Hope u had a great time.

Suparna said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Priya,
Wow! what a place priya! looks damn good.
healthy noodles with tofu in it. Looks silky smooth and too tempting to eat.

Nandinis food said... Reply To This Comment

Yakisoba is lovely priya! Noodles is new to me. Happy to learn new dishes from u guys! France is lovely country!

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Havent tried soba noodles? Looks delicious. Where did u find soba noodles?

Recipeswap said... Reply To This Comment

My school has a a similar Mother Mary statue .Nice yakisoba

Priya Sriram said... Reply To This Comment

Noodles look soo yummy and inviting Priya! :)
Lourdes looks like an awesome place... how lucky you are Priya! :)

Mangala Bhat said... Reply To This Comment

soba noodles ? great new recipe :) Thanks soo tempting :)

Suparna said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Priya,
pls collect ur award from my blog :)

Vrinda said... Reply To This Comment

Lovely pictures ..And this soba is something new to me..

Lavanya said... Reply To This Comment

new to me..looks nice..nice pic too :)

Manju said... Reply To This Comment

heard of lourdes but never been there. Lucky you! the noodles look delicious.

Uma said... Reply To This Comment

noodles look so good and yummy Priya! Great pic of Lourdes!

Cham said... Reply To This Comment

My aunty was visiting Lourdes this Good friday Lourdes, Many times i planned and never visited, next Paris trip, I gonna make sure to visit this holy place. Lovely soba noodle!