Sunday, November 30, 2008

RM#2 Day 30 - Badam Saffron Burfi

Waohhhh!!!!! Today is the last day for the recipe marathon...we gonna finish today the recipe marathon...we were 24 to run along for the event. Last day we gals were planning to prepare some sweet treat to end up the RM...DK proposed us to prepare any sweets with nuts n saffron.. i choosed almond n prepared almond burfi with saffron..they turned out awesome n comes my simple badam saffron burfi..

1cup Almonds
1cup Sugar
1/2cup Milk
few Saffron strands
2tbsp Ghee

Soak overnite the almonds...remove the skins n grind the almonds pieces with milk into bit coarse paste...Take a heavy bottomed non stick pan, add the grounded paste n sugar also saffron strands...stir them continously until the almond paste get off from the bottom of the pan..add the ghee n stir again for a while..for me it took half an hour to get the correct consistency..

Arrange a wax paper n spread the burfi..let them cool..cut them as any shape as ur desire...arrange them in a air tightened box..can keep them in room temperature for three days...can also conserve them in fridge, just microwave before serving..

Delicious Burfi!!!


Mahimaa's kitchen said... Reply To This Comment

i know how good this burfi tastes.. i made it for diwali last month. .. yummy yummy

viji said... Reply To This Comment

superb burfi!!!!!! vanga nama elarum senthu sweet sapiti sapitu vilayadalam...........

Divya said... Reply To This Comment

wonderful and very soft burfi....feel like taking from ur pic....but hehehe....anyways love to try out this....

anudivya said... Reply To This Comment

Last day of the marathon! Wow! You did post a lot of nice recipes everyday.
hats off to you!

CurryLeaf said... Reply To This Comment

Lovely dear,the burfi is perfect after a wonderful marathon.Very very nice time running with you.This burfi sums it up as a perfect treat

Yasmeen said... Reply To This Comment

Perfect Priya! can you parcel a few to Cleveland:)

R said... Reply To This Comment

Looks delicious and attractive.... Congrats on running the marathon successfully....

Roochi said... Reply To This Comment

mouth watering..

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Burfi looks very soft and delicious, very good way to end the RM.

Uj said... Reply To This Comment

Badam burfi looks soft and delicious :)and with saffrom in it..I am sure it must have tasted heavenly

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

wooooooow perfect sweet for finishing the run looks no no no Iam drooling over it

Pavani said... Reply To This Comment

mouthwatering n delicous burfi