Monday, August 26, 2013

South Indian Lunch Thali with Nutella Apple Shake - A Virtual Birthday Party For Manjula

                                           Friends are hard to find.In a Lifetime you get only a few.
                                           And when you find them,you always know them by sight
                                           and heart alone,you always grow a little bit taller in your 
                                           soul, and you know you have been blessed just to know 
                                           them.. by Ashley Rice

Friends means a lot for me, i always says that we cant chose our parents, but we chose our friends. I miss my schoolmates very much but thanks to this virtual world, some of them are now connected again to me through social networks. Life is getting more and more beautiful since few months, yep i got a decent bunch of blogger friends to whom i can share my joyful moments and sorrows, i know very well that they can stay besides me when am down and they will be very happy whenever i share my happy moments with them.One among those friend aka my younger sister is Manjula of Desi Fiesta,she celebrates her birthday today and we (few of my friends) joining her virtually to celebrate her birthday as we guys lives far away from her,yes we do live in an another continent, but the friendship bond between us is getting more stronger and stronger eventhough many miles separates us.

Manjula a funny and fantastic person, i came to know more about her few months back, she was one of my follower and one of my co blogger who participates in many challenges and events, this is how she was in my mind before few months.But now i have an important place in my heart for her, after talking to her i came to know that she started her blog after going through mine, she says am her inspiration,watelse a blogger need na.

Happy Birthday Manjula,may god gives your more health,happiness and many more beautiful things, you mean a lot for me and i'll definitely treasure your friendship.

To celebrate Manju's birthday today with her virtually, we planned to make a thali as she challenged us A Rajasthani Thali for SN Challenge, since we love her enthu for cooking an elaborate thali, we planned to make almost a spicy South Indian thali. Manju, here is my Lunch thali for you with favourite fruit apple in a new avatar with nutella as shake. Hope you will enjoy my spicy delicious South Indian lunch thali.

Nutella Apple Shake

Nutella Apple Shake:

1no Red apple(chopped)
1tbsp Nutella
Vanilla ice cream (as per need)
2cups Milk

Take the chopped red apples,nutella,vanilla ice cream and milk in a blender,blend everything well.

Serve immediately with icecubes.



Hasna Hamza Layin said... Reply To This Comment

Dat color of shake luk superb! Kudos to ur friend nd bday wishes frm me too

Pooja Agrawal said... Reply To This Comment

Easy and simple yet delicious the color..very inviting!

sangeetha pn said... Reply To This Comment

special south Indian thali looks superb.. even that nutella apple shake.. a good treat to a b'day gal.. :) b'day wishes to manjula.. :)

Chandrani Banerjee said... Reply To This Comment

Just awesome , Priya. Very healthy and inviting thali.

Veena Theagarajan said... Reply To This Comment

looks yum.. I want this Thali :-) so wholesome

Rafeeda AR said... Reply To This Comment

Such an awesome platter akka... and dat milkshake is awesome!!! Definitely will add Nutella next time...

Shashi Charles said... Reply To This Comment

The lunch thali looks so mouthwatering - and that nutella apple shake so enticing!
Shashi @

Nadji said... Reply To This Comment

Un superbe plateau. Je te donnerai volontiers la date de mon anniversaire.
A bientôt

linsy patel said... Reply To This Comment

very tempting thali.

Padhu said... Reply To This Comment

Looks so tempting. What is the secret of your energy Priya?

Treatntrick Treat and Trick said... Reply To This Comment

Fabulous platter with yummy drink!

Vidhya said... Reply To This Comment

What a fabulous looking platter.Manjula sure is one lucky girl to have friends like you.Happy B'day Manjuls! Enjoy this lovely treat.

Maha Gadde said... Reply To This Comment

nice thali...nice post n tempting recipes...

Rasi said... Reply To This Comment

You are undoubtedly a big inspiration to so many bloggers but what makes this so special is how lovely & warm you are.. great job again priya :)

Nithya Naveen said... Reply To This Comment

Fantastic platter.. Love the apple nutella drink.. Surely my kid will love this drink..

Rumana Ambrin said... Reply To This Comment

Thali looks superb and very tempting...

Rebecca Subbiah said... Reply To This Comment

wow what a great lunch and fun shake happy birthday to your friend

Nammi said... Reply To This Comment

yumm, love the look of that delicious shake!!!.

Manjula Bharath said... Reply To This Comment

You are a great inspiration for as undoubtedly aks :) and am so happy today having a mixed feeling don't know how to express my love for all you friends :) Am stunned seeing your efforts and making this delicious platter for me :) am so so impressed with you kind hearted nature and so so happy to read these lovely words aks :) thank you so much for this eye appealing and drool worthy platter looks so so delicious and colorful :) loved all the variety rice and specially loved the apple drink you made aks super refreshing and yummy drink :) thank you so much for this mouth watering virtual treat :) you all made my day so so special :)

tinku shaji said... Reply To This Comment

Wonderful Bday Treat

Nilu A said... Reply To This Comment

Belated b'day wishes to Manjula... Beautifully written post as usual Priya.. Indeed she is lucky to have you as a friend.. The thali looks drool-worthy and irresistible... I love nutella and using it in a shake is a fantastic idea dear :-)

Kalpana Sareesh said... Reply To This Comment

loving everything.. slurppp

Shama Nagarajan said... Reply To This Comment


sanjeeta kk said... Reply To This Comment

Such beautiful spread...wish I could taste everything!

Preeti Tamilarasan said... Reply To This Comment

each n every recipe in ur thali is delicious sis :)

Sangeetha Priya said... Reply To This Comment

lovely platter with variety rices and fries...wonderful post, love the write up too...

Suja Manoj said... Reply To This Comment

Tempting Thali,awesome.

Sanoli Ghosh said... Reply To This Comment

South Indian veg thali is super tempting akka. Yummy and mouth watery.

today's post:

Priya R said... Reply To This Comment

amazing platter aks :) every word about Manju is so true :) so happy we are all together as good buddies ;) hugs

Morris said... Reply To This Comment

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