Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mutta Kuzhambu/Egg White Cubes In Tamarind Gravy

  If you dont know how to finish leftover egg whites after making a dessert or cake, am sure this gravy  will definitely helps you to finish them as a fingerlicking dish.Actually after making a cake with eggs and egg yolks,i had some egg whites sitting in my fridge since a day. I planned to finish them in chocolate mousse but somehow i changed my mind and prepared this delicious tamarind gravy aka kuzhambu. This tangy gravy tastes fantabulous with rice and papads, they suits even more delicious with South Indian breakfast dishes like idlies and dosas.

 Many peoples dont eat egg yolks but they love egg whites,some make egg drop like gravy or else hard boiled eggs gravy, for a change make this egg white cubes gravy am sure this will definitely tastes different and completely a new gravy from our usual kuzhambu.Needless to say tangy gravies tastes more delicious after a day, obviously this gravy also tastes fabulous the next day.Sending to Its Potluck LeftoverMagicOver Event ‪#‎itsLeftoverMakeover

5nos Egg whites
2cups Tamarind extract
1no  Onions (diced)
2nos Tomatoes (chopped)
2nos Drumsticks (cut as medium sized pieces)
5nos Garlic cloves
1/4cup Gingelly oil
1/2tsp  Mustard seeds
1tsp Fenugreek seeds
Few curry leaves
1tbsp Coriander powder
1/2tsp Pepper powder
1/2tsp Cumin powder
1tsp Chilly powder

Beat the egg white with a pinch of turmeric powder, transfer it to a grease vessel or bowl.

Steam cook it for 3-4minutes.

Take the steamed egg whites from the cooker and let it cool completely.

Cut them as cubes and keep aside.

Heat the gingelly oil, fry the mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds and curry leaves.

Add the diced onions,garlic cloves and chopped tomatoes and saute everything for few minutes until the shallots gets partially cooked..

Add the drumstick pieces and cook everything for few more minutes,until a nice aroma comes from.

Now add the tamarind extract with salt, coriander powder,pepper powder,cumin powder,chilly powder, cook in high flame for 5 minutes.

Add now the already steam cooked egg white cubes to cooking gravy, dont disturb it.

Cook the gravy until it turns thick and the oil gets separates..

Serve warm with hot steaming rice and papads...


  1. egg white cubes?? wow that ive never heard of before..

  2. This is new to me, and it look fabulous .

  3. That's looks incredibly good. Love the color sis!

  4. That's looks incredibly good. Love the color sis!

  5. there is something about Kuzhambu that it makes my mouth water. lovely dish with egg whites.

  6. there is something about Kuzhambu that it makes my mouth water. lovely dish with egg whites.

  7. Very healthy and yummy gravy. Love to have it with rice.

  8. Wow..that is a new way of making egg curry...very nice!!!

  9. That's a tempting recipe with egg whites....

  10. One fingerlicking tangy and super egg white gravy akka, super...

  11. Very useful recipe Priya. Looks great.

  12. Lovely idea we know dat whites r not only 4 desserts!!!! :)

  13. Egg white gravy looks super tempting!!

  14. wow it looks like paneer :) kudos to ur idea sis

  15. What an awesome idea? Waiting to try it..

  16. Making cubes with egg whites and adding it to gravy, never heard of it akka.. Super interesting and delicious gravy..

  17. Wowo i love the idea would have never thought aobut making something like this with the eggs. And the gravy looks super yummy.

  18. Delicious and droolworthy egg curry. Excellent preparation.

  19. Very tempting and mouth watering egg gravy..

  20. ohhh yum yum yum, this looks so good.

  21. So very creative, and extremely clever way to use up leftover egg whites. Love the 'fingerlickin' good gravy to mop up with some nice crusty bread!

    Thank you for your kind word on my blog!

  22. Nice idea of adding egg whites in curry.

  23. Thats a lovely and easy recipe...wonderful


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