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Eggless Rye Bread & Cinnamon Rolls with Tangzhong Method

Every 15th of the month, if you are following my space my followers will definitely know that am a part of a group with a decent bunch of home bakers called baking partners.This challenge was started by Swathi of Zesty South Indian Kitchen and every month we will be baking cakes or breads. Our this month's challenge was bread with Tangzhong method and scalded method.I decided to bake my breads with tangzhong method, this method of baking bread is quite famous in Asian countries.

Tangzhong is a water roux method prepared with a part of flour along with 5parts of water combination.This mixture is later cooked in low heat to make a roux, once this mixture thickens, its cooled down to room temperature and this roux is used in bread making. Leftover water roux, can be conserved very well in fridge in case if you need just half of the prepared roux for making a bread.Tangzhong method gives super softness to the bread and also keep the bread will stay fresh much longer than the usual breads.You can make the famous Indian dilkush/dilpasand, coconut and dry fruits stuffed bread with this tangzhong method. However i choosed to bake mine with rye flour as a simple bread and as cinnamon rolls with all purpose flour and wheat flour combination.

1/3cup All purpose flour
1cup Water

For Rye Bread:
1+1/2cups All purpose flour
3tbsp+2tsp Sugar
1cup Rye flour
1tsp Salt
1/4cup Mashed potatoes
2tbsp Milk
1/2cup Milk
120grms Tangzhong/Water roux (use half of the tangzhong)
2tsp Instant yeast
3tbsp Butter (cut as small pieces & softened)

Making the tangzhong:

Mix the flour in water well without any lumps.

Cook in medium low heat, stirring continously with a whisk to prevent buring.This mixture will becomes thickens, if you are able to see some lines for every stir you make with the spoon,your tangzhong is ready,remove it from the heat.

Transfer it to a clean bowl,cover with a cling wrap sticking on the surface of the tangzhong to prefect from drying. Let cool completely.You can use tangzhong straight away once it cools down to room temperature.

Rye Bread:

Take the flours,sugar,salt,milk powder and instant yeast in a bowl,make a well in the center.

Meanwhile take the milk,mashed potatoes, tangzhong in an another bowl,whisk well and add it to the dry ingredients.

Knead everything as a dough, add the butter and knead again for a while, this dough will be smooth but not sticky and elastic.

To text stretch the dough, if its forms a thin membrane, your dough is done. Knead the dough as a ball and place it in a greased bowl,cover it and let it sit in warm place for about an hour.

Transfer the dough a flate space, deflate the dough and divide into three or four equal parts, place it in a plate and let it sit again for half an hour covered with plastic.

Roll the each balls as long oval and roll it to form a log like loaf.Place it in a greased loaf pan, keep again for an hour to double their volume.

Preheat the oven to 350F.

Brush the loaf with milk and bake for 25-30minutes until the crust turns golden brown.

Remove the bread from the pan and cool it completely before slicing.

I used few chocolate chips while rolling my loaf but unfortunately i didnt sprinkled them generously.

I replaced the rye flour with wheat flour and prepared my bread dough with water roux.

For cinnamon rolls:
Bread dough

2tbsp Cinnamon powder
2tbsp Brown packed sugar
2tsp Butter

Flatten the dough with a rolling pin and brush the butter over the flattened dough and springle the packed brown sugar, cinnamon powder over the dough..roll the dough as a loaf...

Slice the dough as thick slices,arrange those slices over a greased baking square pan..Cover it with a plastic wrap and let it sit again for an hour until they double their volume.

Preheat the oven to 350F..arrange the baking pan in the middle rack and bake the uncooked rolls for 25-30minutes until its turn golden brown.

Let them cool,prepare a thick paste with confectioner's sugar and water,drizzle over the rolls once they gets cool completely.



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