Sunday, May 30, 2010

Chettinad Mutton Briyani - Pressure Cooker Method

Most of our sunday's goes for special menu, today we guys are celebrating Mother's Day here, no doubt the day started very special today with a raspberry& oats smoothie prepared by my DH,bread toast with jam prepared by my princess as breakfast, both surprised me by waking me with these beautiful breakfast menu..No words to express how happy i am today, so i planned today to give an enormous treat to my sweet family by making out our favourite Chettinad Mutton Briyani, which i usually prepare in a kadai and finish by putting them in dum (in oven)..This time i wanted them to prepare in pressure cooker since they need very less time and the briyani will get ready in few minutes served along with cucumber and watermelon raita,this briyani tastes marvellous and we loved it..I went through Solai Aunty's  Chettinad Mutton Briyani and i prepared exactly the same way she prepared her briyani..Thanks Aunty for this beautiful dish..

Mutton briyani

1/2kg Mutton pieces
1tbsp Chilly powder
1tsp Turmeric powder
1tsp Ginger garlic paste
Curry leaves
3cups Basmati rice
1cup Thick curd
2nos Onions(chopped finely)
3nos Tomatoes(chopped)
1tsp Fennel seeds
2nos Whole Spices (bay leaves, cloves, cardamoms, cinnamonstick)
Mint +Coriander leaves (chopped)

To Grind:
3nos Dry red chillies
4nos Green chillies
15nos Shallots
1tsp Fennel seeds
5nos Cloves
3no Cardamom
2nos Cinnamon stick
1inch Ginger pieces
15nos Garlic
1/2cup Mint leaves

Heat a tsp of oil in a pressure cooked, fry the ginger garlic paste for few minutes, add immediately the mutton pieces saute for few minutes, add the chilly powder and turmeric powder, mix well and add salt and enough water to the sauteed mutton pieces, pressure cook for three whistles..Wash thoroughly the basmati rice, drain the excess of water, heat a kadai with ghee, fry the basmati rice in simmer until the rice turns shiny..keep aside

Meanwhile grind all the ingredients given in the list 'to grind' as fine paste..keep aside..Once the pressure get released, strain the mutton pieces and keep the mutton cooked water aside..Now heat a big pressure cooked with enough oil+ghee, fry the whole spices,fennel seeds until brown, add immediately the chopped onions, chopped tomatoes, saute for few minutes, now add the grounded masala,salt and saute until the raw smells goes away..add the mutton pieces,chopped mint and coriander leaves and cook everything well in simmer..

Measure the already cooked mutton water along with thick curd to make 4+1/2cups..pour this cooked mutton water-curd mixture to the cooking masala, bring this to boil..add the already prepared rice now to the boiling masala..close the cooker, once the pressure comes put the weight, keep the stove in low flame and cook for 10minutes (dont wait for the whistle)..Switch of the stove..once the pressure get released, mix gently and garnish with coriander leaves..

Serve hot with any raitas!!


  1. yummy briyani!! Happy mothers day!!

  2. Happy Mother's Day. Thank you so much for sharing your briyani with us. It looks wonderful, but I must admit I'm still afraid to use a pressure cooker. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  3. It looks just Woooooooooooooooooooow priya

  4. Looks as a delicious and tempting briyani!
    A very good description!

  5. Hello Dear,
    How r u doing?
    Oohhh the briyani looks delicious, and this is my favorite too:)
    Happy Mother's Day:)

  6. Mutton biryani looks spicy, delicious and tempting. Wonderful picture with nice description.

  7. hot n spicy biryani, makes me hungry yaar.

  8. Oh the rice dish looks delicious! Just love the color!!

  9. Priya, is it a repost? I feel I have seen the same before. Delicious and hope you had a gr8 celebration :)

  10. épicé comme je les adore c'est parfait pour moi
    bonne soirée

  11. yummy dish dear..lov d color....perfect cooked biryani!

  12. I'm waiting with a plate now dear! Owh, I'm drooling over! :D~~~~

  13. Priya
    This is a feast! Happy Mother's day!

  14. Wonderful picture. Perfect pressure cooked biryani. Happy Mother's Day :-)

    Hamaree Rasoi

  15. wow!perfectly cooked biryani

  16. Looks delicious....u got it perfect from cooker too...:)

  17. hey priya my mouth is watering now after seeing that color....really great one....i do the same....may be little variations...but the color and presentation of urs is great...

  18. So yummy looking biriyani. love the colour. I am feeling hungry now. Wish to have that plate of rice.
    Happy mothers day to u dear.

  19. Where is the recipe for the raita? and where is the snap?

  20. Happy Mother's day dear...Priya,,ipadi ellam biryani ah kaati ennai echil orra vekka koodathu paa,,antha biryani rice apdiye thani thaniye fluffy ah irukku paa.

  21. That definitely sounded easy..will give it a shot some time

  22. I love it, looks very spicy and inviting.

  23. My favorite..Solai Aunty's recipe's are so good.

  24. Spicy and delicious favorite...lovely and tempting color.

  25. Hope u had a nice mother's day, spicy and tasty biryani!

  26. Love this spicy and tasty mutton biriyani...So easy to prepare, bookmarked to try!!

  27. Hi Priya, I have been visiting your blog occasionally from the past few months. I made chettinad mutton biryani for the first time following your recipe word to word. It turned out perfect and really tasty. I received a lot of accolades for it. Thanks for the recipe and this is definitely a keeper


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