Thursday, April 13, 2017

Kiflice/Siberian Cheese Rolls

Siberian cheese rolls or Siberian mini rolls aka Kiflice is a popular savory soft rolls which is usually served as a starter at family meetings or as a finger foods at parties in Siberia. Every Siberian family have their own variation of the recipe. Some prepare this rolls stuffed with cheese or else with sweet spreads. However you can fill these rolls with various mixture of your choice or else without any filling These Siberian rolls tastes extremely delicious and great, all because of the dough. Yes the dough plays an important roll for making these dangerously addictive rolls. Though this Siberain rolls calls for butter while baking, trust me adding small butter cubes while baking gives a crispy and almost like fried bottoms to this rolls. Dont skip adding the butter or margarine while baking, if you are planning to bake this cute rolls. If you skip this butter part, you will get the just ordinary rolls.

Serbian Soft Rolls, Kiflice

Though i have crossed couple of baking dishes with 'K', i couldnt resist to give a try to this Siberian cheese rolls. I used feta cheese for the filling, which tastes extremely delicious while these rolls were hot, however an excellent dish to enjoy with everyone at home. I was very much pleased with the outcome of this Serbian cheese rolls. If you dont like feta cheese or dont get feta cheese, you can replace it very with cream cheese. Its definitely worth to give a try to this fantastic starter if you want to give a try to something different from your usual bakes. The original recipe used an egg and fresh yeast for preparing the dough, obviously i skipped the egg and replace the fresh yeast with instant yeast. Am running a month of blogging marathon with A-Z Baking around the world as theme and thes Kiflice are going to be a part of this theme.

Kiflice, Serbian Soft Rolls

Recipe Source: Here
4cups All purpose flour
1tsp Salt
2tsp Instant yeast
1tsp Sugar
1+1/2cup Lukewarm milk
75ml Sunflower oil

200grs Feta cheese

For Brushing:
3tbsp milk
100grams Butter/Margarine

Crush the cheese using a fork, if you want to add some herbs, just go on.

Add the flour, salt. instant yeast, oil and milk, and knead everything as a dough. The dough sticky at the beginning, continue kneading until it turns soft.

Grease a bowl with oil, cover the bowl, and set aside for at least an hour until the dough double the volume.

Punch the dough, divide into 5 equal parts, shape them into balls.

Flatten each ball by hands, then use a rolling pin to roll the dough out in a circle.

Use a sharp knife to cut the circle into 8 triangles.

Take one triangle, stretch it  with your hands gently.

Put some filling  then fold the edges of the dough well to avoid the filling to leak out during baking. Roll it tightly.

Siberian Mini Rolls, Kiflice,Siberian Cheese Rolls

Arrange the rolls over a baking sheet lined over a baking tray. Continue the same process with the remaining dough balls.

Preheat the oven to 350F.

Brush the top of each roll with the milk, drop the small pieces of butter between the rolls, then bake for 20 minutes.

Let them cool a bit, enjoy the rolls.
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vaishali sabnani said... Reply To This Comment

I am drooling over these rolls early morning , the feta rocks and must have given these rolls a great flavour .

Namratha said... Reply To This Comment

Wow these look fantastic! Neatly shaped and baked to golden perfection. Feta is delicious. Great bake.

veena said... Reply To This Comment

I am in love with the colour of the rolls Priya. Looks absolutely amazing

Harini R said... Reply To This Comment

I know why you couldn't resist baking these, Priya. These look lovely with the golden hue !

Amina Khaleel said... Reply To This Comment

Its really been a long time since I commented here... was stuck up with other things that I didn't find time to visit my friends blogs..
the rolls look awesome... thanks for sharing...

Sowmya :) said... Reply To This Comment

Butter and feta baked into that golden brown-ness sounds amazing....wish I could grab some right away!

Srivalli said... Reply To This Comment

Such sinful looking rolls surely make these bake look out of the world and I am sure these tasted heavenly!...

Srividhya said... Reply To This Comment

That's one of a kind of roll. Amazing priya. Love the lighting in your pics.

cookingwithsapana said... Reply To This Comment

Oh my those are super addictive looking rolls.

Pavani said... Reply To This Comment

Those cheese rolls look so flaky and cheesy. Feta cheese sounds like a great option.

Sandhya Ramakrishnan said... Reply To This Comment

I love savory rolls anytime and this is looking so gorgeous! WHat a great pick Priya for the alphabet.

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

I thought you are posting croissants from the pics. Very neatly shaped and absolutely loved the color.

Sharmila kingsly said... Reply To This Comment

Lovely looking Rolls and it reminds me more of croissant!!