Saturday, October 29, 2016

Parboiled Rice Cashew Murukku/Munthiri Puzhungal Arisi Murukku

Usually murukkus aka chaklis is prepared easily with less efforts with store bought rice flour, though they can prepared with soaked and grounded parboiled rice aka puzhungal arisi (parboiled rice is called as puzhungal arisi). Usually grounded thick, this parboiled rice is mixed with roasted gram flour, which is spiced and flavored with grated coconut, cumin seeds, butter and salt. I do this parboiled rice murukku quite often, but for a change, my today's recipe goes for an another rich ingredient. Yes i have opted for cashew nuts to make this incredible crispy beauties. Though the grinding part may call for time consuming, you can squeeze out this murukkus easily with less efforts.

Parboiled rice cashew murukku, Cashew murukku

Grinding part is done with grinder or mixie, coming to this murukku cashew paste is much needed though you can still use cashew nuts as powder. However i enjoyed preparing this murukku with cashew paste which makes excellent crispy murukkus. Trust me, this chaklis aka murukkus are dangerously addictive and definitely rich. With a mild flavor and richness, this murukkus is definitely a big hit among everyone. Give a try if you are looking for a different chaklis aka murukkus.

Cashew murukku, Munthiri murukku

2cups Parboiled rice(puzhungal arisi)
1/2cup Cashew nuts (soaked for 2hours)
1 cup Grated fresh coconut
1/4 cup Split roasted grams(pottukadalai)
1Tbsp Cumin seeds
2 tsp Butter
Salt as per taste
Oil for deepfrying

Soak parboiled rice for 3 hours,put the soaked rice in grinder and grind them,without adding much water, just sprinkle 1/4 cup of water.

While the grounded rice turns coarsely, add the fresh grated coconut,soaked cashew to them and grind together nicely.

Meanwhile grind the split roasted grams to powder, sieve them and keep aside.

Transfer the grounded mix to a large bowl, add the butter, salt,cumin seeds, split roasted gram powder to it.

Knead them together until they turns as a soft dough.Use murukku press with star nozzle.

Munthiri Murukku, Parboiled rice cashew murukku

Heat oil in a pan,take a small portion of the dough, put into the murukku press and squeeze out over a greased flat plate as chakli.

Once the oil is hot, drop the squeezed murukku and fry them until they turns golden brown. Drain the excess oil in a paper towel.

Fry them in small batches. Conserve them in an air tightened box.

Dont add much water while grinding soaked rice, else while making dough, you need to add pottukadalai maavu/roasted gram flour more.

Oil should be hot while frying murukkus else they will be soggy.


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perfectly made crispy murukku... Would love to have some...

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interesting ingredients for the murukku