Friday, October 28, 2016

Boondi Pak/Boondhi Pak/Sweet Boondi Squares

Boondi pak, sounds interesting rite. This sweet is quite different one from the usual Diwali sweets we make out traditionally. Actually to be honest, this boondi pak is quite a delicious sweet which sounds almost like both Mysore pak and Boondi laddoo. Yes its an excellent sweet to give a try if you dont have time or dont want to give a try to the usual Boondi laddoos. Am sure many of us have hardly tried laddoos with boondhi aka gram flour based deep fried pearls as this sweets are not that much easy to make if we dont know how to succeed the sugar syrup consistency. Trust me this Boondi pak doesnt need the sugar syrup consistency, yes you heard it rite. With tiny deep fried gram flour pearls aka boondis you can dish out this sweet boondi squares with less efforts than you can imagine.

Boondi Pak,Boondhi Pak,Sweet Boondi Squares.jpg

Again a different Diwali special sweets to give a try, an another ultimate sweet with simple ingredients to make some definitely without any fail. Even a beginner can dish out this beauties though making boondhis will ask for bit time consuming. As i told earlier, you doesnt need to check or look for any help regarding the sugar syrup consistency. Give a try to this different sweet to please anyone's sweet tooth with easy breezy preparation. If you are scared to roll laddoos with those warm boondi mixture, this boondi pak will definitely makes you happy to make some as this sweets goes for less efforts.

Boondi Pak,Boondhi Pak

2cup Gram flour/Besan
2+1/2cups Sugar
Few pinch Yellow food colour
1tsp Cardamom powder
1/4tsp Nutmeg powder
Melon seeds (for garnishing)
3tbsp Ghee

Mix the besan/gram flour with enough water without any lumps as slightly thick batter.

Make a syrup with sugar adding a cup of water, food color,ghee and stir, we doesnt need a syrup consistency here. Keep the flame in simmer.

Heat oil in a pan. To make boondi you need big flat laddle with tiny sized holes (kind of strainer with round holes).

Take a spoonful of batter put it on the spoon with holes and start rubbing it with the other spoon into the oil.

Fry them till golden brown and remove them and put it directly to the sugar syrup.

Sweet boondi Square, Boondhi Pak

Repeat the same process until you finish up all the batter, mix well boondi's in the syrup once in a while and crush them generously. Cook until the mixture turns thick.

Add cardamom powder,nutmeg powder, mix well. Put off the stove.

Line a baking paper to a square shaped baking tray. Transfer this mixture to it.Spinkle the melon seeds on the top and press the mixture well.

Let this mixture cools down completely, slice it as squares.

Conserve it in an air tightened box.

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A very tempting sweet and definitely a tempting one. Good one for the festive season.