Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Chinese Vegetarian Rice Congee/Brown Rice & Gai Lan Jook/Xi Fan

Congee is a savoury rice porridge which exists in many versions around the world. This dish is known as Jook by it Cantonese name, while in Chinese provinces it is known as Xi fan which means literally watery rice. This rice porridge aka congee is quite popular especially in many Asian countries and the word Congee is derived from Tamil language. Though people around the world follow different style of preparation, the final result always end as a thick porridge of rice after a long cooking process.Usually white rice is used in Cantonese congee with large amount of water until the rice breaks down as small pieces and turns thick. Often served with salted duck eggs, lettuce,pickled tofu, century eggs, meats with condiments, this dish makes an excellent meal to kick start a day.

Chinese Rice Porridge, Xi fan, Rice & Gai lan Jook

My today's post is completely vegetarian and vegan as i opted for Brown rice and Gai Lan. Gai Lan is a well known Chinese broccoli or Chinese kale with dark green leafy vegetable with stems. This leafy vegetables added to this brown rice congree turns this simple dish more healthy and slightly sweet. However if you couldnt find out Gai lan you can replace it very well with any other leafy vegetables. Coming to this Xi Fan aka Vegetarian Jook, this post is going to this week's blogging marathon as am running with 'Homemade Chinese Take Away Foods' as theme. A complete meal to give a try and i went with simple toppings to serve this congee, with loads of salted peanuts and chopped scallion this rice porridge is definitely a must try if you are planning for a nourishing meal with less ingredients.

Xi fan, Brown rice & Gai lan Congee, Chinese rice porridge

Recipe Source: Chowhound
8cups Water
2cups Vegetable Broth
1cup Long grain Brown rice
1inch Ginger (sliced as two pieces)
2cups Gai Lan/Chinese Broccoli (thinly sliced)
White pepper
Chopped Scallion (for topping)
Salted peanuts (for garnishing)

Take the water, vegetable broth, long grain brown rice, ginger,salt in a large heavy bottomed sauce pan, bring it to boil and put the flame to medium flame.

Cook uncovered in low flame until the rice gets well cooked and the mixture turns creamy.

Vegetarian Chinese Rice Congee, Xi fan

Turn off the heat and add the gai lan, cook in simmer until the gai lan gets half cooked.

Add in the white pepper and salt (if needed).

Serve warm with chopped scallion and peanuts.

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vaishali sabnani said... Reply To This Comment

The Chinese congee with peanuts sounds great ! I am sure the toppings would make the dish more appetising . Looks very inviting .

Gayathri Kumar said... Reply To This Comment

I am not a great fan of Kanji, but this Chinese version looks so yum with all the additions.

Pavani said... Reply To This Comment

This was on my list to make too, but couldn't make it. Will try your recipe some time soon.

Chef Mireille said... Reply To This Comment

this is one of my faves and make it periodically. even though I already have versions posted on my site, I plan on doing yet another version for next week when I have this theme. Your version looks delicious

Harini R said... Reply To This Comment

When I made it for one of the previous BM, my family loved it. This version sounds just as yumm.

cookingwithsapana said... Reply To This Comment

I love Chinese rice porridge and your version looks delicious.