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Xoritiki Salata - Greek Village Salad

I know the name of the today's post will be definitely a tongue twister, even i took enough time to spell it. Actually when i chosed International cuisine for this week's theme of long marathon am running during this whole month, i want to make a chinese dish which starts with 'X' as i need to post today's recipe starts with this letter coz we are running different themes during four weeks in alphabetic order.But most of the dishes i crossed while googling goes either for large quantity of eggs or either beef or pork. Since i dont eat either beef or pork and dont want to make a cake which goes for almost  6egg yolks, i took enough time to search to get a super simple dish and finally i got this incredible Greek salad which goes for simple vegetables and simple dressing.

This quick,colourful and very refreshing Greek salad just need easy ingredients to make, and this is a prefect summer time salad.Some lettuce,tomatoes,cucumber,kalamatta olives,feta cheese and red onions makes this colourful salad which is served with an easy breezy garlic flavoured olive oil-vinegar dressing.I carried this salad for our summer time weekend picnic happened before a month and enjoyed thoroughly with some grilled meats. Doesnt matter whether the weather is hot or not, you can still make this healthy,quick and colourful salad whenever we feel lazy to cook or if you want to have a quick salad.

2nos Tomatoes (sliced thinly)
1cup Cucumber (sliced thinly)
1no Red onion (sliced thinly)
Few Kalamata black olives
100grs Feta cheese (crumbled)
Few Lettuce leaves
1/4cup Olive oil
2tbsp Vinegar
3nos Garlic cloves (crushed nicely)
1/2tsp Dried oregano

Take lettuce leaves, sliced tomatos,sliced cucumbers, kalamatta olives in a bowl.

Make the dressing with olive oil,vinegar,garlic cloves and dried oregano..mix well and keep aside.

While serving, drizzle enough dressing top it with  crumbled feta cheese.

Serve immediately.

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  1. omg such a simple yet delicious salad :) awesome recipe choice aks !! pass me the bowl will finish this healthy salad in a blink of an eye !! very colorful !!

  2. Priya, I was honestly waiting for the post on X.I could not think of many starting with it glad u came up with something new as always.Love the salad.

  3. I am Hearing this salad name for the first time . Love the Salad !
    Love the Colorful plate ! Looks great

  4. I couldn't think of any dish starting with X and u gals r amazing!!

  5. Delicious yet healthy Salad...Very colorful....

  6. wonderful X choice..the salad looks cool and comforting..perfect Priya!

  7. Priya, first of all I am glad that you chose a Greek recipe and Greek salad is one of the best. I am sorry to disappoint you for your recipe as there are two points which I want to comment on. I am not trying to be critical but as the internet spreads recipes rapidly, it's good to know the right facts about the recipe: The name of the salad is "Horiatiki Salata" or "Choriatiki Salata". This is no fault of yours. The sound "H" is written in "X" in Greek and this is the Greeklish way, ignorant Greeks write in English. I am an avid fighter against Greeklish and if you do not mind I will post this on Facebook as well. The second point, is that there is no garlic in a Greek salad. However, if you like garlic no one will forbid you from adding it. Lettuce is not added but in some Greek restaurants you will probably see it. A Cypriot "Horiatiki" may contain lettuce and coriander as well.
    On another note if anyone is looking for a recipe starting with "X" which is pronounced "Ks" in Greek see my Xerotigana recipe. They are eggless,fried yeasted dough.

  8. I won't even try pronouncing the name..:)..very colourful salad..

  9. This looks delicious, Priya. My family will love it. Have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

  10. Colorful and healthy salad akka. Love the name

  11. Amazing name and a very colourful salad.Would love your visit to

  12. Very refreshing salad! I haven't tried Feta cheese yet!

  13. omg such a simple yet delicious salad :)

  14. That is one colorful, healthy & delicious salad.

  15. simple healthy and very colorful salad!! beautiful it looks!!


  16. This is quite a simple yet tasty one...perfect for summer!

  17. Colorful salad.
    Same pinch and you know why. :)
    I was not aware of the name though this is one of the salads that get frequently made in our home with few other additions.

  18. Simple and beautiful salad. Greek salads are delicious and fresh.

  19. what a simple and delightful salad

  20. Yes Priya..the name is is definetely a tongue twister...salad looks declious....colourful!1


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