Sunday, September 22, 2013

Honey Drizzled Semolina Cake

If you are searching for a succulent, very moist cake with semolina, this cake is for you. For our this month's Home Baker's Challenge, Shama of Shama's Easy 2 Cook Recipes chosed both sweet and savoury bakes. After baking some Vegan Banana Nut Muffins, here comes an another interesting cake you may enjoy thoroughly with your family for your snacks with your favourite drink.This cake is completely flour free and baked  with fine quality yellow semolina which i get easily from my nearby provision store.This cake is just out of the world, yes this cake came out extremely spongy,super fluffy and very much moist coz of the honey syrup used in this cake.

Its 4th sunday of the month and since i belong to a group of friends who blogs on sunday for the event Let's Brunch On Sundays am posting this incredible cake today. Do you know the main motto of this event is to blog on sundays since  most of the bloggers couldnt able to feed their blog babies during weekdays coz of their busy schedules, so myself and Veena both planned to create an event to cook and post a dish which goes under Sunday brunch,lunch or dinner.This cake makes a wonderful dessert after heavy sunday meal.Sending to Srivalli's Cake Mela.

For Cake:
1/2cup Butter (softened)
2cups Yellow semolina (fine quality)
1tsp Baking powder
1/2tsp Baking soda
1cup Sugar
2nos Eggs
1/2cup Milk
1/2tsp Vanilla extract
A pinch Salt

For Syrup:
1/2cup Sugar
1/2cup Honey
1cup Water

Preheat the oven to 350F. Grease a square baking pan and line a baking sheet and grease it.

Cream the butter and sugar using a beater, then add in eggs one by one and finally add the milk.

Add in the vanilla, the batter will look curdled at this stage,but dont panic.

In a second bowl, take together the semolina,baking powder,baking soda and salt.

Now add in gradually the butter-egg mixture and which until turns smooth.

Pour the batter to the prepared pan and bake for 20minutes until the crust turns golden brown.

You may notice that the cake starts to pull away from the eges of the pan.

Meanwhile make the syrup by combining the sugar,honey and water.

The syrup will be bit thick in constitency.

Once you take out the cake from the oven,pour the syrup slowly over the hot cake.

Cool the cake completely and cut as small squares.



  1. Awesome cake Priya I have been wanting to make it for such a long time.

  2. fabulous semolina cake looks superb aks :)

  3. Nice recipe dear..cake looks super moist n soft.

  4. Never had semolina cake. Its looks so moist Priya! will definitely try it.

  5. Sounds so delicious, hope will make it soon

  6. This is not the upma rava? Is there a finer variety. And how does it compare to the normal cake in taste? Want to try it. It looks so good.

  7. Very moist and Delicious cake Priya...I am wondering what could be replacement for eggs here so that I can also enjoy this scrumptious cake...

  8. Love your new header and layout akka.. It is very elegant.. Perfectly baked cake..

  9. Lovely cake aks :) you have made it so well this is sure a great dessert

  10. Looks super good ! Definitely go to try it sometime soon !!

  11. Perfectly baked cake..And what a tempting color there !

  12. Love your new Header Priya..yummy cake.

  13. looks so awesome akka... love the new look of ur blog...

  14. Lovely cake akka, love the new background...

  15. a perfect treat for sundays, looks so moist....

  16. new look for teh blog.. i like ur header..
    ur cake looks very good..soft and mosit it looks.. really wanna bite!!

  17. Such a lovely flourless cake. Your page header looks nice Priya.

  18. Hi, can we use the fine white rava? Is there any difference between the white and yellow one?

  19. @Radha..

    Its not the upma rava, here we get yellow semolina usually people from Arabic countries use them for making bread and their dessert. You can use very well our upma rava, but grind them a bit to make a fine ones, tastewise they are just out of the world, they will extremely moist,crumbly and delicious..

  20. @Pooja, you can replace the eggs very well with buttermilk or flax seed meal, many bloggers from our group tried the eggless one,they came out prefect too.

  21. @Sujatha, yea u can use it, there is no difference between them apart from the colour..Thanks

  22. lovely looking cakes... perfectly done..


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