Sunday, September 1, 2013

Announcing Let's Brunch On Sundays Event

Sunday are the special days that we always looked forward to. A day to relax , unwind and can afford to be lazy too. But this sort of sets as a routine that our mind refuses to come out and start anything else out of this routine (well..mostly, that is the case)and most of the times it is our blogs, which seems to take the hit. Mine does!!!

So here comes an event,which has no rules, no themes for time being, it is just to cook and share the dish which you would cook for your Sunday special.It can be cooked/baked/Smoothie...anything that you would llike to put together for your family.Let’s join and cook together and motivate each other!!!

How its works:
1)Cook anything that comes under your sunday brunch,lunch or dinner..
2) Both vegetarians and non vegetarians are welcome.
3)This happens twice a month, its means the second sunday and fourth sunday of the month.
4) Link back your entry to the linky tools attached under my post and Veena's post.This helps us to check and comment on ur respective posts.
5)This event is to give a push to your blog, nothing to stress or strain for it, since we dont have any theme.
6)No limit for entries.


  1. What a co-incidence Priya! I just compiled a recipe under weekend brunch for my food blog..and now you are a wonderful opportunity to share that recipe in your event.

    Looking forward to it! :D

  2. a very nice and interesting event Priya, would surely participate in it

  3. Just now logged into my blog to check whether u posted any information about dis event. Surprised to see this was first post.My participation is for sure as I want to wake up my sleeping baby blog with a bash.thank u soo much for ur thought n immediate start.

  4. Thats new and to be part ....

  5. I just made a brunch recipe last would be perfect for this event..will definitely submit my entry for it!

  6. Nice event Priya. Will link some entries soon.

  7. I would love to be a part of this! Will link mine today :)

  8. Wow what to do for this event sis.just link the recipe in your blog or will have to post the announcement.


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