Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Vegan Banana Nut Muffins

My passion towards baking just pulled me to start a baking group, thank God this group is going on successfully and many fellow bloggers who joined this group are just amazing. We share our tips and tricks and we are learning together to bake simple baked goodies, needless to say even we learned to bake anything as eggless or vegan now with the guidance of some bloggers joined our group. Thats seriously makes me happy, for our this month's Home Baker's Challenge, Shama of Shama's Easy 2 Cook Recipes chosed both sweet and savoury bakes. Shama's choices are just fabulous and seriously i was breaking my head to decide, but finally i went to this vegan banana nut muffins since i had some over ripen bananas at home.

Trust me, this vegan muffin was just amazing, very fruity,super moist and incredibly delicious with nuts. We enjoyed these muffins for our breakfast and my kids loved these muffins for their snacks, needless to say these muffins are definitely a healthy breakfast or snacks since they are baked with whole wheat flour and oat brans.Thanks Shama for this incredible muffins,we loved it.Sending to Srivalli's Cake Mela.

Recipe Source : Food
1+1/3cups Wholewheat flour
1/2cup Sugar
1tsp Baking powder
1tsp Baking soda
1/2tsp Salt
3/4cup Oat bran
1/2cup Walnuts (chopped)
2nos Bananas (ripen)
1tsp Vanilla extract
2/3cup Almond milk

Preheat the oven to 350F,line the muffin liners to the muffin mould and keep aside.

Mash the bananas well, add in the oil, vanilla,milk, give a stir.

Meanwhile sieve the flour with baking powder, baking soda and salt.

Add in the oats bran, sugar,chopped walnuts.

Now add gradually the dry ingredients to the banana mixture, blend until they get mixed, dont over mix this mixture.

Spoon this batter to the lined muffins moulds.

Bake for 20-25minutes.


  1. You are too good in baking ! muffin looks great!

  2. i like that green tray :) muffins have came out well sis..

  3. lovely muffins akka... that tray looks lovely... :)

  4. muffins looks awesome... perfectly baked...

  5. Gr8 looking muffins,super moist!!

  6. The muffins looks perfect and thanks for sharing the recipe. :)

  7. Love these muffin especially since they use ripened bananas...I always look for recipes that use over ripened bananas.
    Shema | LifeScoops

  8. ils sont bien tentants, bravo
    bonne journée

  9. made bread few times, now its time to make muffins, already have bananas so going to try soon

  10. Lovely & perfect it looks, wish I cud grab some now :)

  11. love banana muffins. Looks so pretty sis!

  12. Perfect muffins looks so cute in that beautiful wire tray.

  13. Delicious and mouthwatering muffins. Excellent baking indeed.

  14. Super healthy muffins akka... am yet to make this months challenge

  15. Very inviting and tempting muffin...yummilicious!

  16. Banana nut muffin looks soft and spongy and very inviting click aks !! :)

  17. Muffins are mouthwatering! and thanks for starting this baking group.

  18. I love muffins, I mean without frostings, these looks plump n sooper delicious, good for breakfast.YUM

  19. dear priya...
    when u say 2 bananas... which variety is it?? i have tried one recipe with small yellow elachi pazham that u get easily in indian markets.. i have noticed that if the banana puree qty is not in rt proprtion the cake bakes like a lump. i would love 2 try your eggless banana bake recipes, especially the vegan ones... thanx... valli.

  20. Hello valli, i used Morris type long bananas in this recipe, coz am living in abroad and we dont get small variety here, if you are using small one make sure that you should used atleast four or five small sized bananas.Hope this helps.

  21. hai...
    thanx a lot....
    regards.. valli.


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