Monday, October 29, 2018

Potato Ribbon Murukku/Urulaikizhangu Naada Murukku

One more savoury to make without any fail for the upcoming festival of lights is this Potato ribbon pakoda aka ola pakoda. After murukkus, ribbon murukku is a must in our Diwali savory list as we love to munch varieties of savouries. Ribbon murukku, is also known as naada murukku, ribbon pakoda, ola pakoda is a variety of murukku which is often made in Tamil Nadu especially for Diwali or Janmasthami in most of the houses. This murukku is called as ribbon murukku as its ressembles like nada, ribbon or string. And the main ingredients for making this crispy snack is rice flour and gram flour. Apart from it, various spices like chilli powder, cumin seeds, sesame seeds,asafoetida are added to this murukku dough to bring the flavor. As much as like other Murukku varieties, this murukku also calls for a special nozzle which is often available along with the Murukku maker.

Aloo Ribbon Chakli, Potato Ribbon Murukku

The addition of aloo/ potato /uruali kizhangu to the usual ribbon murukku dough makes it more delicious and dangerously addictive with a subtle flavor. To bring the nuttiness to this already crunchy munchy snacks, i couldnt stop myself adding some sesame seeds. Easy to make, already cooked and mashed potato is added directly the dough, which calls for usual ingredients.Again this murukku came out extremely crispy and dangerously addictive to munch with a cup of tea or coffee or else to share with your loved ones during the Diwali festival.Give a try, am sure you will love it with an interesting gluten free and vegan murukku.

Potato ribbon pakoda, aloo pakoda

1cup Gram flour
1cup Rice flour
1/2cup Corn flour
2tbsp Hot Oil
1/2cup Potato (cooked & mashed)
1tbsp Sesame seeds
1/4tsp Asafoetida powder
Oil for deep frying

In a mixing bowl, take the rice flour,gram flour,corn flour,sesame seeds, asafoetida powder,salt,mix well and keep aside.

Now add the mashed potato and knead everything as a soft dough (sprinkle water if needed for kneading).

Heat oil for deep frying.

Aloo ribbon pakoda, Potato Ribbon Murukku

Drop enough dough in a  murukku press, use ribbon murukku nozzle and squeeze out as medium shaped round murukkus directly to the hot oil.

Fry until they gets well cooked on both sides or until the oil stops sizzling

Drain the excess of oil with a paper towel.

Conserve them in air tightened box and munch.

They stay prefect for a month.

Potato Ribbon Murukku

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