Thursday, October 25, 2018

Coconut Mawa Burfi/Khoya Coconut Barfi

Burfi is definitely a tasty Indian sweet recipe which is very much often cooked during many festivals and occasions. Though burfi can be prepared with different combination of flours or ingredients, its quite an easy sweet dish which can be prepared with an ease. Mawa or khoya which is a popular milk solids quite often used in many Indian sweets. Mawa is easily available in India though its quite an hard task for me to get them fresh as much as like we get in India. Obviously i will prepare mawa at home with full fat milk or else an another popular cheat version prepared with full fat milk powder and heavy cream. Trust me, this full fat homemade mawa works amazingly awesome for many delicious milk based sweets at home easily and quickly.

Coconut Mawa Burfi

Mawa Burfi also known as khoya burfi is often made with just mawa aka milk solids and sugar with flavors of your choice. You can either flavor them with cardamom, rose, saffron or else simply with loads of nuts. Mawa burfi is a fabulous, delicious, rich or creamy sweet dish which is definitely a sinful treat for anyone whoever craves for milk sweets. As i told earlier, many versions of mawa burfi do exists and one among those incredible version is this coconut mawa burfi. Trust me this khoya coconut burfi is an ultimate Diwali sweets to try without any fail. Am running this week's blogging marathon with Diwali savouries and sweets as theme. Hence this ultimate coconut mawa burfi goes for this week's theme.

Mawa Coconut Burfi

2cups Mawa/Khoya
1cup Dessicated coconut
1cup Sugar
Mixed nuts (chopped)
1tbsp Ghee
1/2tsp Cardamom powder
Crushed rose petals

Heat the ghee in a heavy bottomed pan, add the crushed mawa and cook in simmer.

Add the sugar, dessicated coconut to the cooking mawa.

Keep the flame in simmer, add the cardamom powder and cook again until the mixture comes out of the pan.

Coconut Mawa Burfi,Khoya Thenga Burfi

Meanwhile, grease a square pan generously and keep aside.

Once the mixture gets thick, transfer this mixture to the greased plate.

Sprinkle the chopped nuts, crushed rose petals on the top. Give a press.

Let it cool completely. Slice the burfi as small squares.

Conserve in an air tightened box.

Thenga Mawa Burfi, Coconut Khoya burfi


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Nalini's Kitchen said... Reply To This Comment

The burfi looks gorgeous and tempting.Wish to have few of those yummy burfi

Rafeeda AR said... Reply To This Comment

I love anything that has coconut in it, and this barfi is calling my name! I should make some for the girls...

Amina said... Reply To This Comment

the barfi looks awesome... the combination of khoya and coconut must have tasted delicious... bookmarked!

Srivalli said... Reply To This Comment

Priya those burfis are looking fantastic and great for any festival..I seriously doubt your intention now by placing that necklace over there..are you trying to make it difficult to decide which one we want now?..that piece of art looks very good too...I am not too fond of those so burfis suit me

Harini R said... Reply To This Comment

Like Valli, I was also wondering about your intentions by placing the necklace in the background :))
But I would anyday pick these delectable burfis :)

Pavani said... Reply To This Comment

Coconut burfi with mawa sounds absolutely delicious. Never tried adding mawa to coconut burfi -- must have tasted amazing.

Suma Gandlur said... Reply To This Comment

Those burfis sound so rich and flavorful with the addition of mawa. They look so inviting with all those nuts embedded in them.

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

That Barfi looks so tempting! It so rich and perfect for a Diwali Treat.

Gayathri Kumar said... Reply To This Comment

I love the combination of coconut and mawa. Making burfi out of that combination is awesome. The burfi look really festive..

code2cook said... Reply To This Comment

Priya, you want to know about necklace or burfi??? I also have a similar kind of necklace hahhahhaha.

coconut burfi barfi came out great, love how we can make many sweets with coconut and all are kind of tastier than the previous. great recipe share dear

Chef Mireille said... Reply To This Comment

this looks fabulous and love the flavor additions you have included here