Monday, January 19, 2009

Microwave Aloo Paneer Masala

Recently i learned from one of my friend, how to cook potatoes in microwave very easily, she just prepared potatoes very prefectly as we cook steamed potatoes in vessels r in pressure cookers..her's easy method of preparing potatoes through microwave made me to try this masala in microwave, they really turned out awesome, we had this masala with grilled bread toast with thai cucumber salad sterday for dinner, needless to say how delicious they r..i added grated paneer to this masala, which made the masala more delicious , as i prepared them in microwave n also with paneer, do i need to say that this amazing masala dish goes to MEC - Paneer guest hosted by Rak's Kitchen, event started by Srivalli , also am sending to FIC - Yellow event by Sunshinemom of Tongueticklers...

2nos Potatoes
1/2cup Grated Paneer
1no Onion chopped
1tsp Green chilli pieces
1/4tsp Ginger pieces
1/4tsp Turmeric powder
1/2tsp Mustard seeds+cumin seeds
1tsp Coriander leaves chopped
1tsp Oil

Wash thoroughly the potatoes n cut them as small medium pieces, put them in ziplock bags, makes small holes on the ziplock bags r punch them with sharp knife n cook them in high temperature for 5 this time they will get well cooked, remove the skin n mash them slightly..take a microwave bowl, add the oil , mustard seeds with cumin seeds n fry them in high temperature for 2 minutes, add the chopped onion, ginger pieces with salt n turmeric powder again for add the cooked potatoes, grated paneer, chopped chilly pieces n mix everything well , keep again for 10 minutes in medium temperature.. garnish the masala with chopped coriander leaves..

Serve them hot with grilled breads, also as side dish for pooris n rotis...


Raks said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for the entry Priya! Sounds awesome!
I too have blogged cooking potatoes in MW...See this when u find time :)

lubnakarim06 said... Reply To This Comment

Wow simple yet delightful recipe. Looks yummy.

Adlak's tiny world said... Reply To This Comment

simply superb dish priya.... fantastic click.

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

this will be very comfort with roti and puri for me nice color priya

Jaishree Iyer said... Reply To This Comment

Simple N yum recipe Priya.. Nice click..

anudivya said... Reply To This Comment

I always microwave potatoes for making curries and masalas. Saves a lot of time and is perfectly cooked every time. Looks good.

Cham said... Reply To This Comment

Looks pretty easy , i use to wrap with little wet tissue paper the potato and use the bake option. Lovely entry!

Vaishali said... Reply To This Comment

That looks delicious, Priya, and nice to know it's quite easy too. Thanks for the recipe.

Jayashree said... Reply To This Comment

Iam always on the lookout for new and easy microwave recipes. This sounds good.

CurryLeaf said... Reply To This Comment

another mw recipe for me to try.Lovely

Mahimaa's kitchen said... Reply To This Comment

super combo.. nalla iruku paakave. nice pic dear.

Pavithra Kodical said... Reply To This Comment

This is perfect side dish for roti..Yum..Thanks for sharing..

Vibaas said... Reply To This Comment

that's so simple and so yummy. :)

Sunshinemom said... Reply To This Comment

Delighted as ever, Priya! Thanks for the simple yet tasty curry!