Sunday, January 4, 2009

Leftover Toasted Idli N Pepperbell Masala

I have really picky eaters at home, its kinda hard to have idlies simply with any side dishes to them..i really need to break my head to bring them something different n tasty dish out of Idli often, i have already tried stuffing chicken in idlis , also with veggies like zucchini lastest attempt with left over idli is this idli n pepperbell masala...its quite simple with less oil as i toasted them in oven instead of frying as deep frying n prepared with our spices..they tastes really fantastic n no need of side dishes..even my last one named this dish as ' Idli briyani '..quite creative na!!!..have look friends...

5nos Leftover idli
1cup Red n Green bell pepper pieces
1no Onion chopped
1no Tomato chopped
1tsp Ginger garlic paste
1no Bay leaves, cloves, cinnamon sticks
1/2tsp Fennel seed powder
2nos Curry leaves
1tbsp Coriander leaves
1/2tsp Red Chilly powder

Cut the left over idlies as small pieces, preheat the oven at 350f n arrange the idli pieces over aluminium foil n toast them by turning on both sides for 15 minutes in oven..heat the oil in a pan, add the whole spices n fry them until they turn brown..add the chopped onion, tomato n ginger garlic paste with fennel seed powder n fry them until they turn mushy n raw smell of the ginger garlic paste disappears, add the curry leaves n pepperbell pieces to cook in simmer...

Dont overcook the pepperbell pieces, keep them tender...add the redchilly powder n salt n cook in simmer for a while..dont add water to cook the pepperbell pieces, now add the toasted idli pieces to the masala n toss them gently until they get well coated with the masala, add the chopped coriander leaves n put off the stove..

Delicious Masala, kids will love this..

On the way to Winter Treat Event by Trupti of Recipe Center


Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

I too do this fried idli in the same way but I never add bell pepper to this looks intresting priya will try next time perfect snack and yes priya you are rite that soup was simply delicious thanks for your lovely comment dear

Ivy said... Reply To This Comment

Happy New Year to you and yours. This sounds very interesting and I am sure delicious.

Pavani said... Reply To This Comment

looking yum yum nice snack yaar...

Mandira said... Reply To This Comment

Happy New Year to you and your family! great way to use the leftover idlis :)

sriharivatsan said... Reply To This Comment

Am a new blogger..Your recepies looks yummy..This one is really looking delicious..

Shama Nagarajan said... Reply To This Comment

looking perfect yummy dear

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

priya,i used to make upma with leftover idlies..this sounds interesting too.

Vibaas said... Reply To This Comment

looks yummy priya. I had fried idli chaat long back at some small chaat shop in chennai and looks like that without the frying. Awesome :)

Mahimaa's kitchen said... Reply To This Comment

great idea to oven roast the idlis. looks mouthwatering. i have had fried idlis only in hotels. they are awesome..

and beetroot kheer sapadnum pola iruku. condensed milk makes the kheer sooooo tasty :)

Pavithra Kodical said... Reply To This Comment

Idly masala is look yum...Good idea to use leftover idly..Will surely try :)

Andhra Flavors said... Reply To This Comment

Happy new year to you. a great idea with leftover.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

lol,so nice