Saturday, November 30, 2013

Winged Beans & Moongdal Stir Fry

Winged beans, i have seen them since ages, thank god finally i saw them at Indian store during our last trip. Nowadays we can able to see super fresh Indian vegetables very much frequently in Indian stores, happy for it, but trust me the prices are seriously very expensive. If we want good Indian foods at home, we shouldnt count the money na. Coming to this recipe, its a simple but a delicious stir fry i usually make at home. Except i went for winged beans, these beans will have a crunchy texture even after cooking, this makes the difference between this winged ones and the normal beans.

Winged beans are also know as Goa beans, Asparagus pods, four angled bean and winged peas, in tamil we call it as Sirahu avarai (சிறகு அவரை ). You can make pickle with this winged beans which tastes simply fabulous too, but somehow i sticked to the usual stir fry as am cooking this winged beans for the first time here in Paris.Sending to my own event Healthy Diet-Vegetarian Side dish guest hosted by Nandoos..

1/2kg Winged beans
3tbsp Yellow split moongdal (soaked in warm water)
1no Onion (chopped)
1no Tomato (chopped)
3nos Green chillies (slit opened)
1/4cup Grated coconut
1tsp Mustard seeds+urad dal
Few curry leaves

Soak the yellow moongdal for half an hour.

Heat enough oil,let splutters the mustard seeds, urad dal.

Add now the chopped onions,slit opened green chillies,chopped tomato and curry leaves,cook until the onions turns transculent.

Add the soaked moongdal,cook for few minutes in simmer along with salt.

Finally add the chopped winged beans, sauté for few minutes in medium, sprinkle some water.

Cook in simmer with lid closed until the dal gets cooked.

Now add the grated coconut  and put off the stove.

Serve warm as side dish.


  1. oh.. I have seen this so many times in market but nvr know what it is and what's its name... will buy next time and do it....

  2. its been ages since I had this one,looks delicious....

  3. I did this just yesterday..This is one of the new vegetables that I got introduced after moving to SG.. Urs looks so tasty

  4. we call it as attu thadi avaraikai(goat beard looks like this) good one.

  5. delicious combination looks wonderful

  6. Healthy and delicious stir fry

  7. have never seen this beans... something v new to me.. the stir fry looks too good... :)

  8. These beans are some thing new for me. The look like start fruit. How is the taste could you describe Priya?

  9. healthy stirfry aks :) looks so colourful never tasted this before

  10. Never tasted this before. This looks like a very healthy and delicious stir fry.

  11. This looks so yumm,wish to try but I doubt the availability of winged beans here.. :(

  12. just prepared a smimilar one yesterday..snake gourd n moong dal. Yours luks really yumm,dear. Hadn't been to blogsphere for some time. Hope you doing well...keep in touch

  13. Never seen this before, Priya! Looks very pretty! And nice curry too...

  14. Very tasty stir fry. Really nice.
    Thanks for sharing.

  15. very tasty and healthy stir fry, this bean is very healthy...

  16. Have seen this in stores but never tried, after seeing your stir fry wanted to try it for sure...loved this vibrant green, so inviting pic :)

  17. very very healthy and yummy stir fry !!


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