Saturday, November 3, 2018

Vegan Sweet Potato Murukku/Sakkaravalli Kizhangu Murukku

I have tried couple of Chaklis aka murukkus with different grains, root vegetables and even with spinach, but still i have some root vegetables to cook and dish out some savouries with. Hence i opted for Sweet potato. Sweet potato is an incredible root vegetable which is quite versatile to dish out many fantabulous sweets, bakes and many more fabulous dishes out of it.  Since its diwali, i cant  think more than making some chaklis aka murukkus with this excellent root vegetable. Initially i was bit skeptical to try as sweet potatoes as these root vegetables tends to be sweet. However my creative mind was very much tempted to give a try this sweet potato murukku hence i tried my hands with this combination.

Sweet potato Murukku

Sweet potato murukku came out extremely prefect with excellent crunchiness, mild sweetness and dangerously addictive. With mild sweetness and spiciness, trust me these murukkus tastes absolutely delicious and everyone at home enjoyed thoroughly munching this incredible deep fried beauties. You might have know that varieties of sweet potatoes do exists, the one i used for making this chaklis were bit orange in colour hence the murukkudough was bit orange in colour else nothing makes in this murukkus different from other varieties of murukkus do exists. If you want to try a new version of murukkus, dont forget to give a try to this absolutely crispy beauties for the upcoming festivals of lights.

Sakkaravalli Kizhangu Murukku, Sweet Potato Chakli

2cups Rice flour
1/2cup Gram flour
1cup Sweet Potato (cooked)
1/4cup Roasted Urad dal flour
1tsp Cumin seeds
1/2tsp Chilly powder
1/4tsp Asafoetida powder
3tbsp Hot oil

Grind the cooked potato with enough water as fine paste.

Take the rice flour,gram flour, urad dal flour,cumin seeds, hot oil, chilly powder,asafoetida powder, salt in a large bowl,gradually add the grounded paste,water and knead as soft and smooth dough.

Heat enough oil of deepfrying.

Vegan SweetPotato Murukku

Gently drop enough dough in a murukku press with star nozzle or three holes nozzle and squeeze out the dough in a greased plate.

Drop gently to the hot oil and cook until the bubbles gets off from the oil.

Drain the murukkus in paper towel and arrange in air tightened box.


Gluten free Sweet Potato Murukku


cookingwithpree said... Reply To This Comment

This is a great idea to sneak in some veggies to our little ones. I have made sweet potato cookies, this looks good too. Will give it a try

Motions and Emotions said... Reply To This Comment

I must say this is an innovative recipe and the murrukus look crispy and crunchy...

mildly indian said... Reply To This Comment

This weeks veggie box came with 10 giant sweet potatoes and I was wondering how to finish them. Thankyou for this great idea.

Swati said... Reply To This Comment

Loved the use of veggie in these murrukus!! Very nice recipe!!

Lathiya said... Reply To This Comment

Never ever thought of adding sweet potato to Murukku ...this looks fabulous...definitely will be trying it

Sujata Roy said... Reply To This Comment

Murukku sounds so crispy crunchy and delicious. Loved you used sweet potato in it. I can imagine the taste. Lovely share.

Mayuri Patel said... Reply To This Comment

Priya you're definitely the murukku queen. You have so many variations and now you've added one more. Awesome idea too add sweet potato.

Lata Lala said... Reply To This Comment

I loved the addition of sweet potato in traditional murrukus. Now I know what to do when I am making murrukus next time.

Freda said... Reply To This Comment

Sweet potato is a wonderful addition to this murruku. It looks crispy and delicious :)

jayashree said... Reply To This Comment

Never made chaklis with sweet potato, I need to try this sometime. Nice use of the sweet potato here.

Hayley said... Reply To This Comment

Sweet potato chakli sounds so good, crispy yet soft just perfect tea time snack.

Culinary Adventuress Piyali Sekhar Mutha said... Reply To This Comment

That’s oh so imaginative. Adding a root veggie to a traditional snack is simply a brilliant idea. The murukkus are so scrummy.

Pavani said... Reply To This Comment

Murruku with sweet potato is very innovative idea Priya. They look very crunchy and delicious. Bookmarked it

Sasmita said... Reply To This Comment

Murukku sounds so crispy, crunchy and delicious, who can deny to have these crunchies ;) . The use of sweet potato in it is a lovely idea