Saturday, August 18, 2018

Vegan Banana Chia Seeds Pudding/Gluten Free Chia Seeds Banana Pudding

Chia seeds are tiny black seeds which ressembles like the basil seeds. When soaked in a liquid, chia seeds double their volume, and these seeds comes from the plant Salvia Hispanica which is related to mint. These chia seeds were an important food for Aztecs and Mayans since a long. Chia seeds give a super massive amount of nutrients with very few calories. These seeds are excellent in fiber. Small amout of chia seeds supplies only 137 calories.Not to forget that chia seeds are loaded with Antioxidants which protect the delicate fats in the seeds and have various benefits for health. Do you know Chia seeds are loaded with proteins and its contains the most weight loss friendly dietary nutrient. Obviously the high fiber and protein content in chia seeds help a lot to lose weight.

Banana Chia seeds pudding, Gluten Free chia seeds pudding

Chia seeds is becoming our family favourite since we came to know more about the health benefits of these tiny seeds.Am running this week's blogging marathon with No Cook Desserts as theme, obviously after an easy breezy No churn icecream here comes an another vegan and gluten free pudding with chia seeds. No cooking is needed hence this pudding is definitely a kid's friendly dessert to dish out with less efforts. Chia seeds are excellent for anyone, as they are very easy to digest if they are prepared properly. Not to forget that these seeds are seriously very versatile.

Banana Chia Seeds Pudding, Vegan Chia Seeds Banana Pudding

2cups Almond milk
1/2cup Chia seeds
2tbsp Sugar
Banans (sliced as per need)

Take the almond milk, sugar, chia seeds in a jar, stir well or shake well and close the jar with a lid.

Place in fridge for overnight.

Vegan Chia seeds Banana Pudding

Next day morning, stir the pudding and drop enough pudding in a glass.

Add in the sliced banana, give a mix.

Top it again with banana chunks and serve.

Serve immediately for dessert or else enjoy for your breakfast to kick start your day.

Banana Chia Seeds Almond Milk Pudding



Harini R said... Reply To This Comment

That is a healthy take on pudding Priya. Love it.

Ashima said... Reply To This Comment

We love chia seeds in our home! Truly the food of Gods and so healthy. Love your pudding recipe. So healthy for breakfast, snack, or dessert!

Thanks for sharing

Gayathri Kumar said... Reply To This Comment

I love the combination of banana and chia. Your presentation is so beautiful Priya..

Anshu said... Reply To This Comment

Loved this beautiful recipe, perfect for breakfast. Because of the immense health benefits, even I try to use chia seeds in many desserts and cakes

Shobha said... Reply To This Comment

I have a pkt of chia seeds .. will try it out. I like banana desserts.

Malini's Space said... Reply To This Comment

Chia Seeds pudding is so versatile, we can add any flavor and have fun with that. Love your banana slices on top. What a healthy way to start the morning. Great share!

Sujata Roy said... Reply To This Comment

A super healthy treat. Never bought chia seeds because don't know the exact taste. Heard its tasteless. This looks lovely. Great share.

Ruchi's Veg Kitchen said... Reply To This Comment

such a healthy option for breakfast. me sure banana lovers will get crazy over this

Mayuri Patel said... Reply To This Comment

I love chia seeds and how versatile they are. Adding to smoothies, to cereals, to make puddings.. simply filling and healthy too. I usually have them when I'm fasting so it takes care of the hunger pangs.

geetha priyanka said... Reply To This Comment

Chia seeds and banana combo sounds appetising. I would love to try this recipe sometime soon. Great share....

Poonam Bachhav said... Reply To This Comment

Banana chia seed pudding sounds so healthy..perfect breakfast treat ! Lovely share Priya !

mildly indian said... Reply To This Comment

The chia banana looks perfect for the morning crazy runs. i love the way chia has swollen up.

Ritu Tangri said... Reply To This Comment

This is indeed a healthy breakfast that too without sweating in the kitchen :)

Soma Mukherjee said... Reply To This Comment

I love to incorporate chia seeds in my daily meal and this recipe is perfect and sounds so yum, lovely share.

jayashree said... Reply To This Comment

This sounds so good and I am yet to start with my chia recipes. Lovely one Priya.

code2cook said... Reply To This Comment

chia seeds can never go wrong with fruits, it is more like a breakfast to me. Having seeds and fruits together make me full for long with all nutrition. Loved it.

Nisha said... Reply To This Comment

Such a healthy dish Priya. Wholesome breakfast. :)

Hayley said... Reply To This Comment

Chia seeds are regular in our home because of its health benefits. With banana, it must have taste divine, such a healthy and easy recipe.

preethi'scuisine said... Reply To This Comment

Love these beautiful chia seeds banana pudding .An ideal breakfast that is easy and healthy .Fantastic share Priya.