Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Oven Dried Cherry Tomatoes - How to Store the Oven Dried Tomatoes

If you are buying your favourite sun dried tomatoes from stores, am sure after going through this post, you will definitely change your mind and make your own dose of those dried tomatoes at home. This method may be bit time consuming but trust me its really worth to give a try. Recently i tried my hands in making some oven dried tomatoes at home, they simply came out fantabulous. With less money, your oven dried tomatoes are ready to be used. Later i just prepared a small bottle this herbed oven dried cherry tomatoes with olive oil along with rosemary sprigs, needless to say am really happy with those oven dried tomatoes. You may think sun dried are better and cheaper when compared to oven drying, but if you live in a Country where you can see sun rarely its better to make oven dried ones na. Actually its summer here, but the Sun god is playing hide and seek with us, my yearly dose of vathals are still waiting to be prepared and dried  since Sunny days are very rare here now, its often raining or either chilled since few days.However if you are having hot sunny days,you can make your sun dried tomatoes easily too.

Oil less oven dried cherry tomatoes, oven dried cherry tomatoes,slow oven dried cherry tomatoes

Slow oven drying makes this prefectly dried cherry tomatoes, i prepared mine during the night time when the electric change is very less when compared to the day time. This oven drying needs almost 3hours, but still its worth for me to try as a bottle of sun dried tomatoes which costs almost 4-5euros here. The best part of making this oven dried tomatoes at home is you get your own bottle of dried tomatoes without any preserves. This doesnt have any price rite. Am waiting to make pesto with this dried tomatoes. I stored them with few sprigs of rosemary leaves, as i want to get rosemary infused oil to drizzle over my pastas or pizzas. Obviously this method is absolutely interesting to get your rosemary infused dried tomatoes as well as rosemary infused oil.Two in one rite!!..If you dont get cherry tomatoes, you can still make with usual tomatoes, just slice them as two and proceed.

Oil less oven dried cherry tomatoes, oven dried cherry tomatoes

1kg Cherry tomatoes (sliced as two)

Preheat the oven to 200F/93 C

Line a baking sheet over a baking tray.

Now arrange the sliced tomatoes with cut side up, sprinkle salt on the top.

Bake them in middle rack  for 3hours.

How to store:

Olive oil
Few rosemary sprigs

Once the cherry tomatoes gets completely dried, let them sit in room temperature for two hours until they gets cool completely.

Take them in an air tightened bottle with chopped rosemary sprigs, pour in the olive oil until the dried tomatoes gets covered.

Close it tightly and keep aside.

Dont disturb them atleast for a week or two before using them.


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useful post...thanks for sharing...

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fantastic and aromatic herb rosemary,just feel it now:)super aks

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Superb aks... Nice idea... But here we wont get cherry tomatoes...

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wow, they look good, have to give this a try!! thanks for sharing

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very useful post.. will try soon

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Very useful post,thxs for sharing!!

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a great way to save the goodness of summer!

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They are just amazing. The pictures are perfect. I have no Doubt abt the taste of those oven dried tomatoes.

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such an useful post and they look better than store bought.. amazing post on home made dried tomatoes aks :)

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These look so much better than the store brought ones.. lovely clicks..

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The oven dried tomatoes truly look good. I guess I could eat them plain. And when you see them in that bottle, the effort is totally worth it.

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I like the tangy flavor in tomatoes,can eat as it..ore,Italian treat ah akka..super..

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Priya, I am definitely going to try this soon Priya, I am so much in love with those sun dried tomatoes. I love these oils on crusty baguette :)