Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hokkaido Milk Bread~~ We Knead to Bake#3

Hokkaido milk bread, super spongy bread prepared with the famous Asian bread making method called tangzhong method. Tangzhong method goes for a water roux, this roux is the prominent ingredient to get fantastic soft breads. For our this month's We knead to bake, a month baking event started by Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen, she challenged us to make this Hokkaido Milk Bread which is well known for their super softy texture. Its quite popular in South Asian bakieries, some people says this is a Japanese bread, because of the milk used in this bread comes from Japan.While others says that its pure white colour and the texture resemble the pristineness of Hakkoido.

Coming to Tangzhong method, this method need a part of bread flour with 5parts of water,when cooked its forms the famous water roux. The gluten in the bread flour and water mixture absorb the moisture and create a leavening action. When Tangzhong is added to other ingredients of the bread dough, its gives a light,tender and fluffy bread.The dough prepared with tangzhong is a versatile dough, we can make palin loaf,dinner rolls or muffin like rolls. You can fill very well them with sweet or savoury filling.I prepared few mini loaves, some muffins rolls and tried my hands in making some animals. I filled my mini loaves and muffin rolls with chocolate chips and my kids just loved them.

For Tangzhong (water roux)
1/3cup all purpose flour
1/2cup Water
1/2cup Milk

For dough:
2+1/2cups All purpose flour
3tbsp Sugar
1tsp Salt
2tbsp Milk powder
2tsp Instant dry yeast
1/2cup Milk
1/8cup Cream
1/3cup Tangzhong (use half of the tangzhong )
25grms Butter (cut as small pieces & softened)
1cup Chocolate chips

Making the water-roux:

Mix the flour in water and milk well without any lumps.

Cook in medium low heat, stirring continously with a whisk to prevent buring.This mixture will becomes thickens, if you are able to see some lines for every stir you make with the spoon,your tangzhong is ready,remove it from the heat.

Transfer it to a clean bowl,cover with a cling wrap sticking on the surface of the tangzhong to prefect from drying. Let cool completely.You can use tangzhong straight away once it cools down to room temperature.

Making Dough:

Put the flour,salt,sugar,milk powder and instant yeast in a stand mixer or in a food processor and mix it for a few minutes,meanwhile in an another bowl,mix the milk,cream and tangzhong until smooth and add to the mixer.

Run in slow speed until the dough comes together, now add the butter and knead it until you get a smooth and elastic dough.

Arrange the dough in a greased bowl and cover it with a towel and keep it aside until the dough double in volume. Mine took almost an hour.

Place the dough in a cleaned working surface, divide the dough to make mini loaves or muffins or else as single loaf.

Roll out each portion of the dough with a rolling pin as a oval shape, sprinkle generously the chocolate chips.

Take one end of the dough from the shorter side of the oval to fold in the middle of the dough, take the other end and fold it slightly to overlaps the other fold.

Arrange this folded dough to tha prepared pans and cover with a towel,let the dough sit again for an hour.

Preheat the oven to 325F, carefully brush the tops of the rolls and the loaf with milk and bake them for 20-25minutes until they are done.

Let them cool completely in the tins and then unmould, transfer to a rack and cool them completely.

Serve the loaves or dinner rolls with your favourite spreads.


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Beautiful soft bread aks looks super cute love the cuties :-)

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Wow! you guys are baking bread using different method. Great learning experience.

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Looks lovely. and all those little easter bunnies. So nice. Not to detract from the good bread that you baked.

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Beautifully done, looks very soft

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these really look amazing, priyaji...

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Looks wonderful!! Do join me @ Annarasa for Food Event: Dhaba Food/ Street Food + Giveaway!

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I loved baking this Bread. Very Addictive

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love those fat little hedgehogs :D

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looks so soft and delicious!!! what a beauty!!!
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What a gorgeous Bread this way. I truly enjoyed baking this. Your Bread looks lovely too.

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So soft and fulfilling bread. Pics make them look so delicious.

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Soft and perfectly done..Nice bread..

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i love the cute little animal ,wanna to grab them.

priya thanks for replying for the rasam,

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can see these doing the rounds on blogs n im so tempted to make them...looks really soft

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Awesome clicks dear.. Love the texture :)

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so beautiful and soft.. if i can will grab those for sure.. appreciate ur efforts.. :)

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What beautiful looking loaves! I think I might make some bread today.

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Lovely bread...super soft

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Priya!! cute. Cute. CUTE. is all i can think of.

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Super soft bread recipe and those cute little animals, such a lovely post....

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bread looks soft and fluffy... perfect and delicious...

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Wow, very nicely done. You are tempting me with your baking Priya. I want to try the Tangzhong.

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So perfectly baked Priya... That last click is a bread ??!! I thought its a potato :)

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Soft cute and yumm.