Monday, January 18, 2010

AWED-Portuguese Roundup

My hearty thanks to Dk of Chef In You  who was quite kind enough towards me and letting me to host the famous A World Epicurian Delights quiet known as AWED..Thanks a ton DK, i really enjoyed trying portuguese dishes and receiving from my blogger dears...

Honestly i was quite scared after choosing portuguese as theme for December's AWED Event, but fortunately my friends didnt let me down... After seeing my blogger friend's entries i was really happy and very thankful to each and everyone for taking part in this quiet new cuisine for many of us eventhough its really a very old  cuisine..Portuguese peoples are quite carnivore, each and every food of portuguese cuisine almost goes for sausage prepared basically with pork which take really an important place in their cooking, needless to say that this portuguese cuisine is completely a challenging cuisine and my blogger friends were really amazing for choosing and trying many delectable vegetarian, eggtarian and vegan dishes which is completely a  hard task..I got 19entries for this AWED-Portuguese event, thanks a ton to my blogger friends for joining my hands and turned this event really fantabulous...Am starting my roundup with soups and finishing with desserts prepared with eggs...

1) Caldo Verde from Dk of Chef in You, the famous kale portuguese soup where DK replaced the sausages with tempeh, quite creative na!!
2) Sopa De Aborbra E Cenoura/Pumpkin & Carrot Soup from Swathi of Zest South Indian Kitchen, creamy soup with pumpkin & carrots, quite a delicious soup for this chilled weather..
3)Sopa De Feijao/Portuguese Bean Soup  from Priya (me), with plenty of veggies and red kidney beans makes a filling and hearty soup...

1)Peixinhos Da Horta/Fried Green Beans from Swathi of Zesty South Indian Kitchen, have u ever heard about fried green beans, you should try this crispy fried green beans, a prefect evening snack..
2)Mushroom Vindaloo from Cham of Spice-club, Indo-portuguese dish with mushrooms, many indian spices and the famous vinegar..
3)Feijao Verde Com Coentro E Alho/Green Beans With Cilantro & Garlic from Sweatha of Tasty Curry Leaf , simple but yet a delicious cooked beans with cilantro and garlic which can be served very well as salad..

1)Portuguese Tomato Rice from Preethi Rajeev of Dreamy Delights, if you are searching for a simple portuguese rice slightly spicy and garlicky...
2)Jag-Jagacita from Cham of Spice-club, quick and easy rice dish with red kidney beans with a very unique name..Delicious portuguese rice..
3)Arroz De Tomate/Portuguese Tomato Rice from Priya(me), another easy and delicious tomato rice prepared with bellpeppers..

1)Massa Sodava/Portuguese Sweet Bread from Ambika Venkat of Ambika's Kitchen,this portuguese sweet bread is traditionally made during Easter and Christmas in Portugal, fantastic bread to try out..
2)Portuguese Sweet Bread from Kachana Kothari of Veggie Fare, another sweet bread direct from Portugal,usually served for breakfast or either for desserts..
3)Portuguese Corn Bread/Broa from Priya, a traditional corn bread from Portugal and this bread is quite often served along with butter and hot soups..

1)Arroz Doce from Sweatha of Tasty Curry Leaf, famous Portuguese rice pudding with fantastic cinnamon and lemon flavours..
2)Arroz Doce from Kanchan of  Kitchen Gossip, the same famous rice pudding with egg in it..
3)Arroz Doce from Sowjanya of  Ruchikacooks, third and another version of this delicious portuguese rice pudding with condesned milk & saffron ..tempting pudding na..

1)Bolo De Coco/Baath Cake from SE of Denufood, send us her christmas special cake prepared with semolina& grated coconut..beautiful, flavourful and moist cake to enjoy..
2)Pasteis De Nata/Portuguese Custard Tarts from Faiza Ali of Faiza Ali's Kitchen, portuguese desserts is never complete without this custard tarts..simple and fantastic portuguese tarts to enjoy for desserts..
3)Portuguese Bread Pudding from Silpa of Anita's Kitchen,send us a fantastic and delectable yet a simple bread pudding to enjoy..
4)Milk Tarts from Sheba of Art, Food and Travel Chronicles, another tempting and easy tarts with simple ingredients really very quick to whip out..

Voila!! thanks to everyone for taking part of this famous AWED event..Hope you will surely enjoy all these virtual treats..Do send ur entries to my own event Cooking With Seeds-Sesame Seeds which is going on rite now in my blog upto 5th February and am calling all my blogger friends to join their hands for hosting this beautiful event  from July(yeah!!i got my host guests upto June), pls do send an email or leave a comment if you are interested...


Vinaya said... Reply To This Comment

Priya, thanks so much visiting my blog and following it..appreciate the encouragement so much :)

Lovely Portuguese round-up..isnt it amazing how much foodie talent there is out there?

FH said... Reply To This Comment

Great looking dishes for round up. Breads specially look good. good job Priya.

SE said... Reply To This Comment

Hey Priya...awesome roundup...sure this is a challenge to make some vegan/vegetarian recipes! I liked the way you presented them. Kudos !!!

Cham said... Reply To This Comment

See even Portuguese can go Vegan or vegetarian seeing this round-up, great collection.
Thanks for choosing such a new cuisine!

Rachana said... Reply To This Comment

Hey Priya,
Great roundup...Thanks for the wonderful event, did surely learnt a few new things:)

Silpa said... Reply To This Comment

awesome round up priya. nice pics...

ruchikacooks said... Reply To This Comment

Nice round up priya..So many of those are similar to what we make at home nah? And to my surprise lots of veggie options!

Manju said... Reply To This Comment

a great round up. Now i have a set of recipes form a new cuisine for me repertoire :)

Renuka Bedre - Rao said... Reply To This Comment

so many different wonderful recipes! there is so much variety is this round up! lovely.

Lakshmi said... Reply To This Comment

yummy dishes..awesome roundup.

Gita Jaishankar said... Reply To This Comment

Great job Priya..nice to see so many new and extotic recipes :)

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Excellent round up, very lovely job done.

Ambika said... Reply To This Comment

Hey Priya, nice roundup!!

Oraphan said... Reply To This Comment

Everything looks and sounds amazing! What a fantastic roundup! I'm so impreseed:)

Swathi said... Reply To This Comment


Nice round up. Lot of dishes,

Sushma Mallya said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for hosting it priya,got to know lots of new dishes ....lovely round up....

chef and her kitchen said... Reply To This Comment

Nice round up priya...never heard any of those names other than seeing in ur round up...gr8 round up

Saraswathi Iyer said... Reply To This Comment

Nice and different recipes. Great Job Priya n Congrats.

Kanchan said... Reply To This Comment

Nice roundup and wonderful recipes coming in !
Thanks for hosting dear !

Cilantro said... Reply To This Comment

Great recipe and a wonderful roundup Priya.

Rohini said... Reply To This Comment

Wonderful round up Priya!! I am so temped to try all of them at once!! :)

Raks said... Reply To This Comment

Good job priya! I am a sucker in trying out international cuisine,This round up paves way for me to understand about Portuguese cuisine...

Shanthi Krishnakumar said... Reply To This Comment

Excellent roundup and great dishes.

GR said... Reply To This Comment

Good roundup.Good job Priya

Siddhi Shirsat said... Reply To This Comment

gr8 recipes and wonderful round up priya

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Wow what a visual treat. amazing portuguese roundup priya...

DK said... Reply To This Comment

Such beautiful recipes! I cant wait to try out many from here! The bread esp. is calling out to me ;)

Thanks for such an array of Portuguese recipes Priya!

Sailaja Damodaran said... Reply To This Comment

Lovely round up.Congrats!!!!!

CurryLeaf said... Reply To This Comment

Amazing Portuguese veg/vegan recipes.You have brought out the good points in each beautifully