Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup

Sweet corn vegetable soup,really relishing soup with plenty of vitamins..good while its rainy r cold... a very good soup for dinner..i used cabbage, carrot n corn kernels to make this delicious and colourful soup..if u r suffering from cold, this soup will really soothe ur suffering throat..its really a worth trying soup with colourful vegetables...this soup goes to SWC:Soups guest hosted by Neha of Tasty recipes, event started by Lakshmi ...

1 cup Cabbage chopped
1/2cup Carrot chopped
2nos Green chilli
1cup Fresh Corn kernel
1no Vegetable stock cube
3cups Water
2tbsp Soyasauce
1/2tsp Pepper powder
2tsp Corn flour
1tsp Cilantro leaves chopped

Take a heavy bottomed pan,pour the 3 cups of water n let them heat, once they start boiling add the chopped carrot pieces, chopped cabbage pieces, with the vegetable stock cube can also vegetable stock water instead of vegetable stock cube..cook until the vegetables r slightly cooked, close the pan with the lid...

Add the corn kernels with the cooked vegetables n cut the chillies into small pieces also add them with the cooked vegetables,add the soyasauce, pepper powder n cook them until the vegetables r well cooked..add salt if needed...make a thin batter with water n corn flour n add them to the boiling soup..put off the stove..

Delicious Soup!!!!


Saritha said... Reply To This Comment

wow soup looks delicious with lots of veggies

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

sweet corn soup mmmm a alltime fav looks so delicious.......

Neha said... Reply To This Comment

It really looks healthy with lots of veggies...

Dershana said... Reply To This Comment

i love this soup with so many veggies in!

Vibaas said... Reply To This Comment

delicious! :)

Cham said... Reply To This Comment

Good one with lots of veggie

Nithya Praveen said... Reply To This Comment

Wow,am always in for a hot cup of soup.Yumm!

Navita (Gupta) Hakim said... Reply To This Comment

love ur haerty veggie soup!

Raks said... Reply To This Comment

I love this soup so much but never tried for myself,always I bought from maggi soups! Thanks for sharing:)

Bindiya said... Reply To This Comment

my husband loves soups so i am always on the lookout ,this is a good recipe, thx priya