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Avocado N Veggies Salad With Boiled Potatoes, Creamy Chicken N Mushroom White Sauce And Cooked Flagelot Beans Sauted With Onion n Garlic-Healthy Family Dinners

Avocados are considered to be an almost complete food so much,so that in certain parts of the world babies are weaned using mashed avocado. Native to Central America and has been cultivated for thousands of years, they are rich in potassium and vitamin A. Avocado is also used traditionally to heal skin problems. The pulp is also believed to be both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Potatoes are also very high in potassium, beating other potassium-rich foods. They are a good source of iron and copper, too. In fact, a potato a day is good for your heart, promoting normal blood-pressure levels.Flageolet beans are small immature kidney beans with a history that dates back to the 1800’s in France. They are very hard to find in the US but are sometimes available fresh, dried, or canned, usually i bought a bag of flagelot green beans, but they lose their green colour while soaking n preparing them as dishes, soaked beans can be freezed very well n can use them whenever u need for. This is our typical dinner which i learned some from my french friends but i have prepared flagelot beans with my way of adding onion n garlic pieces, u may be very surprised to see n can even thinking that this dinner might be very long and hard to prepare, not at all..its really very much easy, healthy also very delicious...Am sending this delicious dinner to Healthy Family Dinners guest hosted by Michelle of What's Cooking Blog, Event started by MeetaK od What's For Lunch Honey...

Avocado N Veggies Salad With Boiled Potatoes:

1no Avocado
1/4cup Grated carrots
1/4cup Cornkernels
1tbsp Mayonnaise
1/4tsp Pepper powder
1tsp Olive oil

Scoop out the avocado flesh n chop them as small cubes...take a large bowl, add the avocado cubes, grated carrots, corn kernels n add the mayonnaise, pepper powder n olive oil n toss everything gently n serve them as salad...

Boiled Potatoes:
2nos Potatoes

Heat a cup of water in a sauce pan with salt n bring it to boil, meanwhile wash thoroughly the potatoes n cut them into two equal pieces..add the potato pieces to the boiling water n leave them in simmer until they get well cooked, peel the skin n cut them in circular shape n serve them with white sauce r else u can smash them with fork as puree..

Creamy Chicken N Mushroom White Sauce:

1cup Chicken breast pieces
1/2cup Mushroom pieces
1/2tsp Vegetable stock powder
1no Onion chopped
1/2tsp Pepper powder
3/4cup Low fat fresh cream
2tsp Corn flour
1/4tsp Dry thyme leaves
2tsp Margarine

Heat the margarine in a pan, add the chopped onion with vegetable stock powder n stir them until the onion turns transculent, add immediately the chicken breast pieces with mushroom pieces n toss everything well until the chicken pieces get bit cooked, add the fresh cream with 1/4cup of water, pepper powder n enough salt n bring them to boil, if u need the sauce more watery, can add water as per ur need..make a thin paste with corn flour n water n keep aside..once the mushroom n chicken get well cooked, add the thin paste of cornflour n stir them until the sauce get thicken...add the dry thyme leaves n put off the stove... This is typical french sauce for rice, potato puree etc...

Cooked Flagelot Beans With Onion n Garlic:

1cup Dry flagelot beans or Tinned flagelot beans
1no Onion chopped
3nos Garlic crushed
1/4tsp Pepper powder
1/4tsp Dry Basil leaves
2tsp Olive Oil

Soak the flagelot beans for atleast 6hours r overnite, tinned flagelot beans works out wonder for this recipe.. bring water to boil in a large vessel n cook the soaked flagelot beans with enough salt, once they get cooked well, drain the water n keep aside, if u r using tinned one, drain the water n keep aside too..heat the olive oil in a kadai, add the chopped onion n crushed garlic together n saute for a while, add the cooked flagelot beans with pepper powder n dry basil leaves n toss them together gently for a while..taste them if salt is needed; add salt as per need...

Serve the cooked flagelot beans with french baguette!!!

These dishes can be served either with rice, potato puree, pastas r simply with french baguette, healthy n delicious dishes na!!!!


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