Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sweet & Sour Prawns

We usually have seafoods twice a week, most of our dishes goes for fish fry coz everyone at home just love it. After fish, we love prawns, i never forget to buy them whenever i go to Indian groceries,coz the prawns we get in chinese stores doesnt taste great as we get from Indian groceries. Earlier when i came to Paris, i was awestuck to see the varieties of frozen prawns we get here, but somehow nothing will be like the fresh prawns we get in Pondicherry. Wat to do, we have to manage everything and my tastebuds started accepting those frozen prawns.

Coming to this sweet and sour prawns, i prepared this delicious prawns for our last sunday's lunch. I simply served it with a bowl of ghee rice, both together tastes fabulous. You can serve this prawns very well with a bowl of hot steaming rice.Everytime we go to Chinese restaurant, we never failed to order this sweet and sour prawns, its been a while i wanted to try them at home. Finally i prepared them at home in my own way to suit my tastebuds.Sending this irresistible prawns to Usha's Seafood Feast.

1/2kg Prawns (cleaned & deviened)
1tsp Garlic (minced)
1tsp Ginger (minced)
1no Onion (diced)
1no bellpepper (diced)
1tbsp Light soya sauce
1tsp Chilly paste
1tsp Sugar
2tbsp Tomato Ketchup
1tbsp Vinegar
Sesame oil
Chopped spring onions

Marinate the prawns with light soya sauce,chilly paste, sugar,ketchup and vinegar for half an hour.

Heat the sesame oil in a kadai, add the minced garlic and ginger, saute for few seconds, now add the diced onions and toss for few seconds.

Add the marinated prawns with the marinated paste,salt and cook in high flame for few seconds, add the diced bellpeppers and cook everything for few more minutes until the bellpepper gets paritally cooked,put off the stove.

Serve hot with a bowl of rice garnished with spring onions.


  1. I love sewwet and sour prawns and this looks so so good.

  2. I love the combo of these flavors!! And with prawns am sure it will be awesome!!

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  3. Looks delicious! Great blog you have here!

  4. Oh my, this is to die for....what a delicious recipe! Will note it down. In fact my recipe book is full of 'Priya's recipe_followed by name of dish'!

  5. wow.. irresistible clicks :)

  6. Chili prawns indeed looks irresistible ! When we first moved here, even we did not like frozen prawns and now we got use to it.

    Thanks for sharing one of your favorite recipes!

  7. The prawns look crisp and the colour itsel says how yummy the sweet-sour flavour must be :) But yes, I do agree with you - there is nothing like fresh prawns! I have had the best prawn in Chennai and Mahabalipuram - those restaurants serve such fresh, sweet prawns! Even Mumbai's restaurant seafood is no match... the prawns are usually smelly :(

  8. Lovely color & delicious looking prawns recipe. Truly yummy!

  9. wow what colorful and inviting platter... wish i was there to try it...

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  10. woow.. just awesome. mouthwatering

  11. yummy n mpouthwatering recipe....

  12. really frozen prawns are not match to fresh ones, but we have to compromise when no choice. Sweet-sour prawns are looking delicious

  13. Irresistible........especially for a prawn lover like me.

  14. Tempting sweet n sour prawns Priya, looks yumm!!

  15. Looks tempting to person like me... I might change to no-veg if you keep on posting such tempting non-veg recipes. Looks stunning and thanks for the detail about fish Priya. I am planning to try it with vanjaram this week end.

  16. Love it, never made sweet and sour prawns at home though I love it !! Will try soon.

  17. this sounds so chatpata Priya, even I love to have prawn this way. colors are gorgeous too.

  18. Wow..tempting preparation..and beautiful color..

  19. super delicious

  20. Another addition to my all-time favorite shrimp recipes. Love the color, and the chili infused flavor, so delicious!
    Thanks for sharing, Priya:D

  21. delicious sweet and sour prawns!

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    wwooo How Tempting..!!
    Mouth watering..!!!

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