Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chocolate Swiss Roll Icecream Cake

A celebration do need an excellent cake else its wont be much fun, today my son is celebrating his birthday to change our routine vanilla cake frosted with chocolate ganache birthday cake i prepared this elegant icecream cake. Since the weather is too hot, its better to make something refreshing than usual cake na, while bloghopping i was amazed by the swiss roll icecream cake by Manju's Eating Delights's, she used  strawberry jam and vanilla strawberry icecream for making her swiss roll icecream cake. Immediately i know  that am going to make this cake for my lil one's birthday. The weather didnt helped me a lot, icecream while stuffing got melted quickly and started oozing out in between the swiss roll,but its doesnt matter coz i prepared this cake with loads of love specially to my lil darling. Manju's cake will definitely makes you drool. As my lil one asked vanilla and chocolate in his birthday cake, i replaced the strawberry jam with a quick chocolate sauce and finished the cake with vanilla and chocolate icecream.

The way Manju explanation about the preparation and assembling the cake was tremendous and definitely helped me a lot, thanks a ton to Manju for her tips and tricks. We are yet to cut the cake but the final result after freezing the cake tempts us already to enjoy the cake.

For Swiss roll cake:
3/4cup Cake flour
3nos Eggs
1/2cup Sugar
1/2tsp Baking powder
1tsp Vanilla extract
pinch Salt
Nutella or Chocolate sauce
Vanilla icecream
Chocolate icecream
Confectioner's sugar (2tbsp )

Preheat the oven to 400F, line a greased baking sheet over a baking tray.

Sieve together the cake flour and baking powder and keep aside.

Heat water in a vessel, meanwhile take the eggs, sugar,vanilla in a bowl, keep the bowl over the vessel,keep the flame in simmer(the bottom of the bowl shouldnt touch the hot water).

Beat the egg sugar mixture until they turns pale and smooth. Now take off the bowl from the vessel and beat again for few more minutes until the egg-sugar mixture turns like a whipping cream.

Now fold the dry ingredients slowly until they get well combined, dont overmix.

Transfer this batter to the already greased baking sheet and bake for 9-10minutes or a skewer inserted comes out clean.

Meanwhile take a clean towel and dust a tablespoon of confectioner's sugar over it, this is for rolling the cake.

Rolling the cake:

Once the cake gets baked, immediately take them out from the oven and invert the cake to the already prepared sugar dusted towel. Remover the baking sheet and dust it again with the remaining confectioner's sugar.

Keep one end of the towel inside the cake and roll it tightly to make a loaf and keep it on wire rack to cool completely.

Once its gets cool, spread the nutella or chocolate sauce prepared already as you desire and roll the swiss roll again wrapped in a plastic wrap.Keep it in fridge until the spread gets firm.


Keep the both vanilla and chocolate ice cream in counter top for few minutes.

Take a medium sized dome shaped bowl, line it with a plastic wrap, cut the already prepared swiss rolls as medium sized slices, arrange one by one inside the bowl,until the plastic wrap gets covered by the swiss roll.

Now spread the vanilla icecream to half of the bowl and finish the remaining with chocolate icecream, close the chocolate icecream with the remaining swiss roll slices.

Tightly close the bowl with the wrap and keep it in freezer atleast two or three hours before enjoying.

A prefect and definitely a refreshing cake for celebration which suits prefectly for hot summer days..


  1. B'day wishes to your son...the cake must have tasted yummy!

  2. Wow, it's definitely looks gorgeous n u've used my favorite flavor combos :) Thanks a lot for trying ths out. Definitely a beauty for the eye !


  3. very neat preparation...lovely shape..

  4. This cake really looks so different and yummy..Loved it..Bookmarked..i am planning to do this for my hubby's Bday

  5. hats off to u priya.....great attempt....bookmarked...

  6. delicious ...inviting you to join in Fast Food event - Noodles

  7. Happy Birthday to your son, perfect way to celebrate!

  8. Hi Priya, Tempting Dish.
    Thanks for visiting my space. Your words are my inspiration.


  9. love this yummy swiss roll cake..perfectly done!

  10. Birthday wishes to ur son Priya,perfect birthday treat for the boy...luks too gud...

  11. Happy Birthday to your son.. this cake idea just amazed me. just drooling here

  12. Birthday wishes to your son! and what a fabulous cake that is... I think swiss roll with icecream must be just fabulous.

  13. Thats a fabulous mouth watering dish....

    my mouth is already watering....

  14. It's a real B'Day gift to him priya..Super and I am gone for this ! Hope he will have a wonderful day !

  15. lovely dear... i too admire of manju's cake... thanks for sharing...
    happy birthday for cute lil one...

  16. Mind blowing cake. Looks delicious.

  17. Cake looks amazing!happy birthday to ur lil one!

  18. Bday wishes to the lad.. The cake looks so inviting

  19. I saw this just recently on another blog and was loving it -Looks fabulous!!

  20. wow...super delicious cake, u have made it perfectly...great work Priya!!

  21. Looks absolutely yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummm:)

  22. Wow that looks awesome, I am sure your little one enjoyed it. Happy Birthday!

  23. wow! u go girl!!!! amzing stuff!:)

  24. wow! u go girl!!....looks amazing!

  25. Omg..U r uber talented.. Great..I really hope ur son would hv loved this cake ..

  26. omg thats really art...great one lov e the croissants as well

  27. Priya,
    cake looks so delicious and neatly done..hope you all had a great time on his birthday..hugs

  28. wonderful priya..looking perfect and beautiful...

  29. Belated birthday wishes to your teddy.Birthday cake looks absolutely stunning.

  30. Most fabulous icecream cake i've ever seen. Birthday wishes again to Cyril.

  31. Priya you are truly blessed with great culinary expertise. All your recipes are awesome. And I am really thankful to you for sharing your lovely recipes with us :)

  32. It's my mums birthday tomorrow.
    I am making this cake for her.
    I am dam sure she will love it. Thanks for the recipe dear :)

  33. Your swiss roll ice cream cake looks absolutely delicious. Wish to try myself but I am not good at baking and sweet dishes. Hope this time my recipe turns out good!!!

  34. Perfect!! Looks delicious.

    You are such a talented person.. You are blessed! Your family should be very lucky to have you.. :)


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