Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kidney Beans & Bellpepper Quesadillas

I had some leftover store bought tortillas sitting since a long in my pantry, also their expiry date was not that much far away. Its quite an obligation for me to finish them as i dont like to trash anything that much easily. When i planned to finish them as quesadillas,the famous mexican savoury sandwich prepared usually with a stuffing and cheese, everyone at home said 'OK'. Since i had some cooked rajma aka kidney beans in my fridge,i simply combined them with green bellpeppers to make a quick and easy breezy filling for making this quesadillas.

I simply mashed the rajma beans and cooked with bellpepper, sauteed onions later i spiced quickly with red chilly flakes,thymn leaves,salt and ketchup. The stuffing tastes simply awesome and when i served as quesadillas, everyone at home simply enjoyed having this nutritious and super cheesy quesadillas with a simple tomato salad for their dinner.

1cup Rajma beans (cooked)
1cup Green bellpepper(chopped)
1no Onion (chopped)
2tbsp Tomato Ketchup
1cup Grated cheddar cheese
1/4tsp Red chilly flakes
1/2tsp Thymn leaves
Olive oil
8nos Flour or corn tortillas

Heat oil, saute the onions until they turns transculent, add the chopped bellpepper and cooked mashed rajma, cook everything in high flame for few minutes.

Add the red chilly flakes,ketchup and salt,cook for few seconds and put off the stove..

Heat a pan in simmer,drop a flour tortillas to the hot pan, gently spread the cooked bean topped with cheese generously.

Top the another tortilla over the cheese,press it with a spatula and cook for few seconds, flip the tortillas to toast the other side.

Once the quesadillas get well toasted, transfer to a plate and cut as a 4 or 6 wedges..

Serve warm with salads.


  1. Love the flavors! looks very inviting :)

  2. wow..beautiful,feeling hungry:-)

  3. Delicious quesadillas with bell pepper and kidney beans.

  4. So tempting. Kidney beans make it much more healthy.

  5. Looks very inviting and delicious...

  6. like the clicks.. perfectly made..

  7. Healthy dish... Love this Priya...

  8. Yummy there..I loved the exotic filling.

  9. Never tried Quesadillas..this looks so delicious! Nice recipe dear..


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  10. Hi Priya ,

    Quesadillas looks Delicious !!!

    Very healthy and fibre rich dish :)))

    Keep on Dear ...

  11. nice addition of tomato ketchup in it ...

  12. Great way to use tortillas. Look great.

  13. delish quesadillas...a very good hearty and meatless dish..

  14. They are very delicious and healthy as well.

  15. Simply amazing and delicious.

  16. I love this filling for the quesadillas, simply delicious..

  17. love anything with cheese !yummy .

  18. you reminded me I have 2 packets of tortilla too :-) looks delicious .

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  19. i always love quesidilla a lot...your looking perfect and yummy

  20. I've made these before, almost identical. Love it for a nice healthy lunch:D

  21. thanks for the delicious entry Priya


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