Sunday, July 1, 2012

Eggless Spinach & Emmental Cheese Quiche

Eventhough quiche is loaded with eggs and cheese, its one of our favourite savoury tart and we have it occasionally for our dinner with salads.For this month's Baking Eggless, Gayathri choosed an incredible quiche, initially i wanted to make a quiche with spinach and loads of veggies, somehow finally i went for making the same spinach quiche recipe she choosed. To subsitute the eggs, i went for bechamel sauce,silken tofu with grated emmental cheese. Honestly, this quiche is super cheesy,addictive and definitely eggless to enjoy with a simple lettuce salad.

After baking and having few wonderful sweet eggless bakes for this baking eggless challenge, we truly enjoyed this month's challenge of baking this savoury eggless quiche.Thanks to Gayathri for this beautiful challenge, i simply loved this eggless quiche and truly amazed the way they came out super prefect without eggs, coz for me quiche cant be baked without eggs. Sending to Jagruti's COG guest hostes by me.

Pie dough:
2cups All purpose flour
1/2tsp Sugar
1/2cup Butter
1/4cup Olive oil

Take the flour in a bowl, add the salt,sugar,butter and olive oil, mix with your fingers to make a crumble like texture.

Gradually add the water and make a smooth dough. Wrap it and arrange in fridge for an hour.

For Bechamel sauce:
1/2cup Butter
1/2cup All purpose flour
2cups Milk
1no Onion (diced)
5nos Cloves
2no Bay leaves
1/2tsp Pepper powder
1/4tsp Nutmeg powder

Heat the butter in a pan in medium heat, once they start melting, add the all purpose flour and cook it for 5 minutes, they should nt change their colour n not to get burned,remove them from fire.

Heat the milk with onions,cloves and bayleaves for few minutes, let them sit aside and for more minutes.

Remove the onion, cloves, bayleaves from the milk, gradually add the hot milk to the butter flour mixture, stir them contiously..flame should be in simmer.

Cook them for few minutes until they turn thick,whisk well  and strain the sauce, add salt, pepper powder , nutmeg powder to the sauce.

For Quiche:
2cups White sauce
2cups Spinach (chopped)
1tbsp Olive oil
1/2cup Silken tofu (grinded as paste)
1cup Emmental Cheese (grated)+1/2 cup Cheese for topping

Preheat the oven to 350F, roll the already prepared pie dough as medium thick disc and tranfer it gently to a tart mould,meanwhile heat the oil and saute the chopped spinach until they shrinks a bit.

Spread the spinach to the prepared dough,add the emmental cheese,tofu paste to the white sauce,check for salt.Pour this mixture to the already prepared  pie dough.

Sprinkle generously the emmental cheese on the top and bake for 30-35minutes until the crust turns golden brown.

Serve with a simple salad.


  1. making me hungry here.. very delicious..

  2. Awesome worth recipe to have Priya..thank you so much.

  3. Wow looks very inviting. And excited to participate in the olympics event.

  4. Drooling here....awesome dear....

  5. this has to be surely tried... bookmarked :) ... awesome recipe..

  6. Wow, a eggless quiche! I love it!


  7. woow.....Looks delicious and very tempting...Love this:)

  8. Looks so yum Priya, I love it.

  9. Can i come over for dinner when u make this... looks so yum

  10. Hi Priya, so sorry for neglecting to comment. I'm so tied up with the little doggies at my daughter's house/dog watching, just seem to forget about my own blog!

    Love the delicious quiche...and no eggs?, that's a new one, and a pleasant surprise for someone to watch their cholesterol. I happen to like to use tofu in recipes, and this is a keeper! Yumm!

  11. quiche - egg less.. that is too much.. it came very crispy and yummmy.. Love it..

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

  12. I also just posted a recipe for quiche! But it had eggs....I never knew you could make quiche without eggs...very interesting use of tofu!

  13. Hi Priya ,

    Looks delicious and Great !!!!!

    Keep on Priya :))))

  14. Quiche looks beautiful & irresistible!
    Erivum Puliyum

  15. Love this delicious looking quiche.

  16. looks like I missed out a nice recipe for this month's challenge. I shall have to try out sometime in the future.

  17. Looks perfect Priya, quiche looks awesome.

  18. I am in diet priya... Pls dont tempt me, by posting such recipes :( Bad girl u r....


  19. very creative priya, I am clueless when it comes to replacing eggs in recipes which have eggs

  20. looks absolutely delicious.., beautiful clicks too....

  21. Mmmmm....looks really yum...and the eggless bake sounds super good

  22. Quiche looks so inviting. I came to know about this sauce while watching master chef. Is it a variation of the white sauce?

  23. Yep Gayathri,its a variation of white sauce,usually bechamel sauce are used for preparing gratins and as sauce over the pastas.


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