Friday, July 13, 2012

Eggless Wholewheat,Banana & Flaxmeal Pancakes

Its been many years, i stopped running behind the eggs for making my bakes,breads or cakes.After coming to this wonderful virtual world,i can cook or bake up anything as eggless or vegan version now with egg substitutes. Since ever i started making these eggless versions bakes or cakes quite often, none at home wont ever ask me whether its eggless or vegan, they just dont found out the difference between the bakes prepared with eggs or without and enjoy them thoroughly.For our last sunday brunch i quickly prepared some pancakes with flaxmeal,banana puree and whole wheat flour with some chocolate chips in it as i started craving for pancakes.

An incredible,super filling pancakes to enjoy without any hesitation for a lazy sunday brunch, just serve this pancakes warm with maple syrup or honey, am damn sure you will definitely have a satisfying brunch. You can make this pancakes even for your kid's evening snacks and can serve them very well with nutella spread. Sending this healthy pancakes to my own event Healthy Diet-Cooking With Wholegrains guest hosted by Jaya and Ramadan Friendly Recipes by Halal foodie.

1+1/2cups Whole Wheat pastry flour
1/2cup Banana puree
1/2cup All purpose flour
1cup Yoghurt
1tsp Baking powder
2tbsp Flaxseed meal
2tbsp Maple Syrup
1/4cup Chocolate chips
1/2tsp Cinnamon powder
pinch Salt
Oil as per need

Mix whole wheat pastry flour,all purpose flour,banana puree,yoghurt,baking powder, maple syrup,chocolate chips,cinnamon powder and salt...make them as thick batter...

Heat a nonstick pan,pour a ladle of this pancake batter and cook on both sides until they turns brown..

Serve warm along with maple syrup or honey.


  1. Hi Priya,

    Pancakes looks YYYummYYY !!!

    Neat presentation Priya :))

    Keep on Dear...

  2. mmm. healthy and yummy pancakes! Looks so good Priya!

  3. Wow, Priya! I could eat these healthy yummy pancakes every morning and would not feel guilty!

  4. pancake with chocolate chips... interesting priya..

  5. Delicious eggless pancake. Looks so soft.

  6. very delicious and tempting pancakes..

  7. very delicious ad healthy breakfast recipe.. love it

  8. Lovely, fluffy Pancakes Priya :)

  9. mmm..yummy and tempting.Simple nice presentation.

  10. Lovely eggless gonna try this soon

  11. the aroma of cinnamon tempting me too much..

  12. thanks for the delicious entry Priya, pancakes look delicious

  13. This looks delicious Priya..thanks for sending across..hugs


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