Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Announcing Complete My Thali -Rice

When Jagruti asked whether i can host her event calling for Complete My Thali, without any hesitation i accepted immediately, coz her event was quite an interesting with different theme , this event is started in September and is continued for six months with each theme holding every 2 weeks also there is a humble and genuine cause behind this CMT event..

She says that "After each and every round up the host will choose winner and will make winners dish....I will make that dish too, and in the end (about 6 months) I'll have my complete thali...
Every event comes with a prize, so when my thali is complete I will give the value of that one thali to someone else in the world who doesn't have the blessing of even a small amount of the food on the thali...The money will go to UNICEF....", wat a beautiful gesture na! i was excited to be a part of this cause and am happy to announce that i choose rice as theme..

We Indians, cant live without rice atleast once a day, we do varieties of rice and specially South Indian thali cant be complete without rice..Cook anything as rice and send to me within two weeks, have a look how to send ur entries..

Complete My Thali (CMT) - Rice

1)Cook any variety of rice with veggies,seeds or fruits, post between 20th October to 2nd November.Dont forget to link ur recipe with this post and Jagruti's announcement page..

2)Multiple entries are welcome..

3)Archived post should be updated with this link post and Jagruti's Announcement Page..

4)Do send ur entries to with CMT-Rice as subject with following details:
Blog Name:
Recipe Name:
Recipe Link:

5)Non bloggers send their name and their recipe with a picture to

6)Pls do use the logo


  1. Very interesting event priya!! Count me in :)

  2. I have seen this even around but have not joined in, so just make any kind of rice, will try to join in, mostly my rice dishes are always so simple that i don't want to post them saying every one knows how to make them. If i make something special will join in.

  3. I haven't participated in the past two series of this wonderful event, I'll definitely try to take part in this one. Happy hosting :)

  4. nice n interesting event priya... u can count me in it..

  5. Will definitely try to participate priya...

  6. I am just seeing this event, great choice rice! I will send one!

  7. have been missing this event. will surely send in my entry. Happy hosting

  8. Wonderful event, Priya..Happy hosting!!

  9. I will be sending my recipes soon. Happy hosting Priya!

  10. I will give it a try....rice is so versatile indeed!

  11. Wow,Interesting Theme.Will send my entry surely within the deadline.Have the right recipe for you Priya.

  12. would love to give it a try, not for the 1st prize but for the noble cause

  13. Hi Priya
    thanks for hosting event..wish you all the best..count me in..!

  14. happy hosting Priya...will send my recipe soon..

    Tasty Appetite

  15. Wow Priya,
    I missed this announcement.
    I will try max. to participate dear.


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