Monday, May 25, 2009

Cantaloupe Melon Smoothie

 Its seems peak season of melons here, coz its never happened these cantaloupe melons this much easily here...we get nowadays very cheaply these delicious cantaloupe melons from our farmer's market..Cantaloupes have a pleasant orange flesh, the orange flesh has beta carotene just like carrots also these cantaloupes are great source of beta carotene for the eyes..Cantaloupes have large amounts of Vitamin A and C, they also help to protect again the free radical damage, lower the risk of cancer and heart disease..
Cantaloupes can be chilled to create a cool summer snack. We can peel, slice, and eat cantaloupes. We can also cut them into chunks and eat them as finger foods. Once we have peeled the cantaloupe, seeds removed, and are cut up, adding a little salt and pepper can be an added taste to the sweetness of the cantaloupe. Coming to the cantaloupe smoothie, i tried out simply with cantaloupe chunks, yogurt, milk and maple syrup..This smoothie tastes too delicious and refreshing for hot summer..Delicious smoothie goes to Madhuri's  Serve me some..juices, shakes & Smoothies..

2cups Cantaloupe melon pieces
1cup Yogurt
1/4cup Milk
2tsp Maple Syrup
Ice cubes

Blend together the cantaloupe melon pieces, yogurt, milk and maple syrup with ice cubes as fresh juice...Serve immediately!!

On the way to Priti's Summer Treat...


  1. Looks cool and filling,color is awesome priya!

  2. Wow feel like having the smoothie right now...made me thirsty just by dear :)

  3. Wow this has to be a really delicous smoothis, love the colour, i can imagine the delicous taste too.

  4. You have a great blog running here with an amazing list of recipes. I loved browzing through them. I will definitely come back for more. Meanwhile I have blogrolled you :-)

  5. Yummy smoothie lol..nice color..

  6. wow...another amazing drink from Priya! Its yummy as usual dear :)

  7. Wow looks creamy and tempting! Great idea :)

  8. Lovely color priya...feel like having it right now...

  9. wow perfect for summer.. lovely looking

  10. Cantaloupe smoothie looks cute in that glass! Love the color! Refreshing for the season!

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