Thursday, April 19, 2018

Broken Jowar Sambar Bath/Cholam Sambar Sadham

Jowar is a gluten free grain and its an incredible millets, i have been looking for a chance to cook with this grain and finally during my last trip to India i grabbed a packet of broken jowar from an Organic store. Obviously when i picked this organic broken jowar, the first dish came to my mind is Upma. Yes upma is the only dish we can think about when you grab these sort of unique broken grains na. However when i picked 'Wholegrains' as the theme for this week's blogging marathon, i thought of making a different dish from that usual upma. You might have noticed that am running a month of blogging marathon with 4 themes for 4 weeks. After dishing out 6 international breakfast for the first week, i opted for No Onion No Garlic recipes for the second week. And now for the third week, my theme was Wholegrains. After three different dishes with three different wholegrains, i couldnt stop myself to post this incredible sambar bath with broken jowar grains.

Jowar Dal Bhath, Broken Cholam Sambar Sadham

I simply prepared this lipsmacking Sambar bath easily without vegetables, however you can add any sort of vegetables to this fantastic dish as you desire. Personally i loved this fantastic healthy sambar bath with papads. This Jowar sambar bath is definitely a healthy  dish with fantastic twist to usual rice-dal bath. This super healthy sambar bath takes hardly less than half an hour to get ready as i cooked this dish through pressure cooker. A quick,delicious, comforting and a super satisfying meal to enjoy without any guilt. Served with some spice side dish or else simply with pickle, one can finish this ultimate dish as their meal in a healthier way. You can add any sort of vegetables or else greens to this dish to make them more delicious and different from the usual one.

1cup Broken Jowar/Cholam Rava
1/2cup Toor dal
1no Onion (chopped)
2nos Tomatoes (chopped)
1/4tsp Turmeric powder
1tsp Lemon juice
1tbsp Sambar powder
Few curry leaves
1tsp Ghee+oil
1tsp Mustard seeds& cumin seeds
Few curryleaves
1/4tsp Asafoetida powder

Wash and soak the dal, broken jowar together for 15minutes in three cups of water and keep aside.

Heat enough oil in a pressure cooker, add the chopped onions, chopped tomatoes and cook for few minutes.

Add now the soaked millet and dal with turmeric powder,sambar powder,salt along with their soaked water,close the cooker with the lid and pressure cook upto 3 whistles.

Meanwhile heat the ghee or oil in a pan, let splutters the mustard seeds,cumin seeds and asafoetida powder, add the curry leaves, fry for few minutes.

Cholam Rava Sambhar Saadham, Broken Jowar Dal Bhath

Once the steam gets off, open the lid and add this tempered spices and ghee, give a stir and finally add the lemon juice.

Toss gently and serve hot with papads or any spicy side dishes.
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Srividhya said... Reply To This Comment

Replacing rice with cholam is great idea. We were in Pannipuram for 3 years. Cholam saadham is quite popular there. Instead of rice, they use cholam. The sad thing is it is called as poor man's diet. But it is the best diet. Glad the short grains are gaining their popularity back.

Pavani said... Reply To This Comment

I have to look for jowar rawa in Indian grocery now. This is a great way to include millets in daily diet -- sambar rice with jowar sounds so flavorful, filling and delicious.

Sandhiya said... Reply To This Comment

Other than dosa, never tried anything with cholam so far, this is such a interesting and healthy recipe, Priya. Looks delicious, will give it a try on sometime.

vaishali sabnani said... Reply To This Comment

Wow ! Excellent recipe ! Tell me Priya can we soak the whole jowar and make Sambar Bhat with it . I have never used the broken variety , and have one pack of whole jowar !
A dish that would be really appreciated at my place . Bookmarking !

Harini R said... Reply To This Comment

That is a fantastic idea, Priya. I love to consume cooked millets mixed in sambar as it masks the taste of the millets and is easily accepted by picky eaters at my place. :)

Sharmila kingsly said... Reply To This Comment

A healthy twist to sambar sadham and adding different millets in some tasty dishes like this is very popular nowadays and we don't care about the grains added.. yummy,,,

Priya Suresh said... Reply To This Comment

@vaishali sabnani Y not either soak them and cook, may be grinding as coarse mix and cook with, what do you think. Am sure both works awesome. Do give a try Vaishali.

Gayathri Kumar said... Reply To This Comment

I am yet to find a store selling these broken millet varieties. They look so nice and there are millions of ways of using them in dishes. Your version of sambar saadam sounds so delicious. That plate with the appalam is super inviting..

Priya said... Reply To This Comment

I have never used broken jowar. This recipe looks delish and the ingredients are easy to get.. I will try this for sure..

Kalyani said... Reply To This Comment

U seem to Find broken Howard far more easily there in Paris than I cd get my hands on in India where I live :) this dish is so healthy n filling

Mayuri Patel said... Reply To This Comment

Replacing the rice with broken jowar makes a very healthy and filling dish. Its a pity we cannot find different kinds of millets easily here.

Srivalli said... Reply To This Comment

Such an interesting dish with jowar Priya, simply too good. I don't think I have read about this version. I must check if the super market here sells this broken jower, we do get the whole one..

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Brillant idea of using jowar, I love sambhar sadam with wholegrains and this such an amazing option.. Looks so delicious, yennaku passikudhu.. Ippo ve andha bowl pass panidunga aks , so tempting :)

Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen said... Reply To This Comment

Lip smacking good priya! Love such quick one pot meals! I can eat this anytime of the day, with a generous ghee and some appalam by side it is divine

cookingwithsapana said... Reply To This Comment

Broken jowar sambhar bath sounds healthy and interesting recipe. I am sure it must have tasted just amazing.

Sandhya Ramakrishnan said... Reply To This Comment

Using millet in our regular every day recipe is such a great idea. I am sure this will be so flavorful and they are so much more healthier than just the white rice.

Suma Gandlur said... Reply To This Comment

I haven't come across jowar rava yet and this khichdi is one wholesome and filling meal.

Padmajha said... Reply To This Comment

I have some jowar left over from this BM theme. I will use it up for this dish. Looks absolutely delicious with that appalam on the side.

Preeti said... Reply To This Comment

What a healthy idea to consume millet in everday meal.