Friday, January 12, 2018

Masool Dal Masal Vadai/Masoor Dal Fritters

Have you ever tried masal vadais with Masoor dal aka red lentils, if not you should give a try. I was very much bored of dishing out some fritters with usual channadal and Urad dal. Last week when i went to Indian grocery, i grabbed a packet of whole masoor dal. Though i bought the packet of whole masoor dal to make dal or pulao with it, i couldnt resist to make some crispy vadais with them. Since i picked Sankranthi Special as theme for this week's blogging marathon, i seriously want to prepare some crispy vadais out of those protein rich dals.

Masoordal Masala Vadai

This whole masoor dal works awesome for making these vadais. A festival treat is not complete without some crispy vadas. Prepared either with urad dal or channadal or else with a combination of different dals, vadas have their important place in a festival foods. With loads of onions, trust me these crispy vadas are seriously very addictive to munch. These vadas goes awesome as side dish as well as an excellent evening snacks when served along with some spicy chutney. Make these crispy vadas if you are craving for something crispy for your snacks.

Masoor dal Vadai, Masoor dal Fritters

2cups Whole masoor dal (soaked for three hours)
1no Onion (chopped)
2nos Green chillies (chopped)
1tsp Ginger (chopped)
Few Curry leaves
2nos Garlic cloves
1/2tsp Fennel seeds
Oil for deepfrying

Grind the whole masoor dal,garlic cloves,fennel seeds as coarse paste without water, if its too hard to grind,just sprinkle some water.

Add the chopped onions, chopped green chillies, chopped ginger pieces, curryleaves and salt, mix everything well.

Masoordal & Onion Masal Vada

Meanwhile heat the oil for deep frying, take a small ball from the grounded masoordal mixture, flat them in your palms and gently drop them in hot oil.

Fry them until they get well cooked, strain the excess of oil with a paper towel..

Serve hot with spicy coconut chutney.


Mrs TJ said... Reply To This Comment

True that no festival is complete without vadais.. so many variations and yet I had not heard about this masoor dhal vadai.. sounds interesting..

Srivalli said... Reply To This Comment

This is a good variation Priya and must have tasted awesome!

Padmajha said... Reply To This Comment

I too have more than a kilo of masoor dal and was wondering how to use it up. Now I know what to make. Looks nice and crisp Priya

MySpicyKitchen said... Reply To This Comment

Masoor dal vada must have tasted wonderful. Nice variation to regular Masala vada.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Priya
thanks for sharing this vadae recipe
One query - do you need to soak the dhal for
a while to soften?
thanks Mrs Singh. Malaysia

Priya Suresh said... Reply To This Comment

Hello Mrs Singh, yes we need to soak the dal for 3 hours to make them soft, sorry its a typo, thanks for pointing out..

Kalyani said... Reply To This Comment

u just gave me a last min idea for the Pongal festival priya. I was out of Kadalai parupu but now will use whole Masoor ! what a cool recipe :-)

Nisha said... Reply To This Comment

Wow, this quite a variation Priya. Wii def try this out next time. :)

Harini R said... Reply To This Comment

That is a fantastic variation for a masala vada.

Pavani said... Reply To This Comment

Wow, masala vada made with whole masoor dal -- now that sounds very interesting. They look so crispy and delicious.

Sandhya Ramakrishnan said... Reply To This Comment

I love masoor and just recently started cooking with whole masoor. I love the flavor of whole Masoor dal and can't wait to try this soon. Looks so tempting!

Jayashree said... Reply To This Comment

This is a really nice variation, Priya. Looks so crisp and tempting.

Chef Mireille said... Reply To This Comment

great late night snack - looks so delicious

Sowmya :) said... Reply To This Comment

The husband is a fan of all things vadai...will try this out for him. Looks so crunchy