Thursday, March 30, 2017

Mixed Berries Lemonade

f not berry season here in Paris, though frozen mixed berries comes to rescue if i plan something to dish out with mixed berries. Mixed berries works awesome either in bakes though i usually prepare them as mixed berries jam quite often. However if you get a chance to whisk out something different from the usual way of dishing out something with mixed berries and lemon, how can i resist to blend together to prepare this ultimate summer drink. This mixed berries lemonade is definitely a summer treat, a fabulous thirsty quencher, you can prepare this lemonade with simple efforts.

Mixed berries lemonade, Lemonade with mixed berries

I prepared this limonade for this month's Shhh Cooking Secretly event started by me, which is now hosted by Mayuri Patel. I have been paired with Shobha Keshwani of  Shoba's Food Mazaa. She gave me Mixed berries and lemon, obviously i cant think more than preparing a simple, yet a fabulou summer friendly drink out of this two secret ingredients. Kids enjoyed thoroughly this thristy quencher and we loved it very much.

Mixed berries lemonade

1cup Mixed frozen berries
1no Lemon
Sugar (as per need)
Ice Cubes (if needed)
A pinch Salt
Chilled Water (as per need)

Take the mixed berries,sugar,salt and chilled water in a blender, blend everything as a smooth paste.

Squeeze the lemon juice and add the ice cubes as per need, stir it well.

Serve immediately.

Berries Lemonade


THE FOOD SAMARITAN. said... Reply To This Comment

Yummy looking lemonade. .so refreshing!

Carole said... Reply To This Comment

This sounds very refreshing. Cheers from CArole's Chatter

Mayuri Patel said... Reply To This Comment

We unfortunately don't get mixed berries here, fresh or frozen. However,my favourite restaurant serves this juice and I love it. Next time going to ask them to add lemon too just like your preparation.

Shobha said... Reply To This Comment

Nice and refreshing berry drink.. The colour is so awesome and inviting. One request dear, you mentioned my blog name but have not linked it. Thanks:)

veena said... Reply To This Comment

This looks very inviting. Lucky that you have some frozen berries

Rafeeda AR said... Reply To This Comment

The combination of lemon and berries is always awesome. The color looks amazing...

Prathima Shivraj said... Reply To This Comment

Berry with lime soo refreshing n its a treat for eyes too

Avin said... Reply To This Comment

Love Berries drink anytime. Your drinks color looks so invitingšŸ˜

Srivalli said... Reply To This Comment

Wow Priya, love the way that lemonade looks, having those mixed berries handy is great!