Sunday, July 3, 2016

Low Carb Cauliflower Crusted Cheese Sandwich/Gluten Free Cheese Sandwich

If you put yourself in a dilemma of dishing out sandwiches with bread, am sure your brain will think twice than ever. Its happened to me recently and i seriously want to come up with three different sandwiches without bread. You may wonder why sandwiches without bread, yes i have picked Sandwiches without bread as this week's blogging marathon's theme. Once i picked this theme, i was quite excited to dish out some interesting sandwich without running behind those bread slices. Trust me, i simply enjoyed this theme by preparing three different sandwiches with interesting ingredients in it. For my today's post, am posting this low carb version of sandwich, yes this sandwich is prepared completely with finely grated cauliflower.

Gluten Free Cheese Sandwich

Do you know you can replace very well the flour in many bakes with grated cauliflower. I have already prepared some garlic flavored Gluten free Bread sticks with cauliflower. Since ever i tried this gluten free bread sticks, i got couple of request from my kids to bake some bread sticks again but trust me, once i served this gluten free cheese sandwich, they just went on crazy and enjoyed these super cheesy sandwich with some salad for their lunch. Since this cauliflower crust goes for simple ingredients you can dish out this crust quickly with less efforts. Very simple to make, this cauliflower crust calls for egg,cheese and some herbs which is quite enough to prepare this crust. Once baked in oven this cauliflower crust is ready to prepare your sandwich. How easy na, if you are allergy to gluten, then this sandwich will definitely please your tastebuds.

Low Carb Cauliflower Crusted Cheese Sandwich

2cups Finely minced cauliflower
1/2cup Grated mozzarella cheese
1/2tsp Dried herbs (i used basilic)
Cheddar cheese slices (as per need)

Preheat the oven to 400F. Line a baking sheet over a baking tray.

Take the minced cauliflower, egg, grated mozzarella cheese,dry herbs, salt in a bowl.

Mix everything well.

Divide the prepared mixture into 4 equal portion. Drop them over the already prepared baking tray.

Flatten each portion as a square shaped disc, bake for 15-20minutes until their sides turns golden brown.

Low Carb Cauliflower Crusted Cheese Sandwich,gluten free cheesy sandwich

Let them cool completely, remove them from baking tray.

Now take a slice of cauliflower crust, place a slice of cheddar cheese, and cover it with an another cauliflower crust.

Drop them in a hot pan and cook in simmer on both sides until the cheese gets melts.

Serve warm.

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vaishali sabnani said... Reply To This Comment

Oh that is an interesting sandwich ! Wish there was no egg , you think we can replace it with something ?

Nalini's Kitchen said... Reply To This Comment

Sandwich without bread sounds inviting,so simple and easy to make.. bookmarked it.

veena said... Reply To This Comment

I was sure your brain would work overtime and come up with some amazing recipes and here it is. Looks awesome:)

Srivalli said... Reply To This Comment

I was really looking forward the recipes that will come out of this challenge. You have done so well Priya..awesome idea and I really wish there was a way to exclude that egg and still get that effect..:)

Priya Suresh said... Reply To This Comment

Vaishali, since i want to make as a gluten free i went on adding egg, you can add some flour and water to make a dough with minced cauliflower and make it as much as like bread slices to bake, hope this help.

Smruti Ashar said... Reply To This Comment

Priya this theme is a great and I love the way you make these sandwiches without bread. Innovative way to sneak in cauliflower into kids meals!

Pavani said... Reply To This Comment

Very interesting and healthy sandwich.

Sandhya Ramakrishnan said... Reply To This Comment

I have seen the cauliflower pizza crust before but this is so interesting. Love the innovative idea :)