Saturday, April 30, 2016

Pink Guava Smoothie

Pink Guava, i dont get this ultimate fruit here in Paris, but still am posting a fabulous smoothie which i blended together with an another incredible ingredient. I had an immense chance to enjoy this fruit thoroughly during my last year's trip to India. Its was a peak season in India during my travel and i dished out couple of dishes out of this fantastic fruit. After making some juice, lemonade and lassi with both green and pink guavas, my today's post is this simple but yet a delicious healthy smoothie prepared with pink guava chunks with yogurt, rolled oats. Definitely this smoothie is a very refreshing drink and dont forget to make some if you get this tropical fruit easily.

Pink guava smoothie, Tropical smoothie with guava

This beautiful smoothie goes to this month's Shhh Cooking Secretly, started by myself and now the event is taken by Mayuri Patel. Mayuri paired me with Amrita, we immediately chitchatted together to fix our both secret ingredients. Since its Mango season in India, i gave her mango as her secret ingredient and i asked her shamelessly to give Guava,to stick for this month's theme of this event as we are supposed to post SMOOTHIE. Coming to this smoothie, this drink is seriously very easy to make, you can enjoy this smoothie thoroughly either for your breakfast or to serve chilled while the weather is too hot outside.

Pink guava smoothie, smoothie with guava

2cups Chopped Pink Guava pieces
2cups Yogurt
2tbsp Rolled oats

Take the chopped pink guava pieces, honey, yogurt and rolled oats in a blender.

Blend everything as smooth paste.

Now add enough water and blend everything as thick smoothie.

Serve immediately.

Pink guava Oats smoothie


Rafeeda AR said... Reply To This Comment

I love pink guava... would never even think of making smoothie with it, would just eat it up... hehe... very healthy this one is...

Priya said... Reply To This Comment

This looks amazing Priya sis. I was thinking everybody is posting some smoothie this time. This month theme is a smoothie that's why.

Mayuri Patel said... Reply To This Comment

I love guavas and that too the pink ones. It must have been very expensive for you to buy it in Paris. Wonderful combination for a smoothie.