Thursday, February 11, 2016

Mocha Cappuccino

We all know that a Cappuccino is an Italian drink prepared usually with espresso, hot milk and with milk foam. Though cream is usually used in this drink its often topped with cinnamon powder. Cappuccino is usually prepared with an espresso machine, but if you want to make it at home without any specific gadgets like espresso machine you can still make this fabulous drink. Cappuccino is traditionally served as a small serving with thick layer of foam, obviously if you are a coffee lover its better to make your own dose of cappuccino at home with less efforts.

mocha cappuccino, Cappuccino with chocolate

Few days back, i tried my hands in making mocha cappuccino at home, when cocoa is added to strong brewed coffee makes this mocha cappuccino. Obviously its my favourite drink since ever i prepared at home,now i make it quite often. I use hand blender to create the foam with hot milk and this works. However my mocha cappuccino rocks,as much as like the one we can easily with the espresso machine. If you love both coffee and chocolate in your drink, then this mocha cappuccino will definitely please your taste buds. This super delicious drink is going to be a part of this week's blogging marathon as am running Make three drinks as theme for this week.Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM#61.

Mocha Coffee, Mocha Cappuccino

3cups Freshly brewed coffee
1/4cup Cocao powder
1/2cup Sugar
1tsp Vanilla extract
2cups Milk

Take the cocoa powder, sugar, vanilla extract and coffee in a sauce pan, whisk until the sugar gets dissolved.

Meanwhile heat the milk but dont boil it, put off the stove.

Beat the milk with the hand blender until it turns foamy.

Pour the coffee in mugs and top it with the frothed milk.

Sprinkle some cocoa powder and serve immediately.

Mocha Coffee, Mocha Cappuccino


cookingwithsapana said... Reply To This Comment

I love mocha cappuccino .Looks perfect to drink straight from screen.

Reva said... Reply To This Comment

Looks yummy ... What a lovely drink to prepare with very less effort .. Super ..

Sowmya :) said... Reply To This Comment

That's a refreshing cup of coffee! Must try

Varada's Kitchen said... Reply To This Comment

Sounds easy enough to make at home. Nice variation.

Pavani said... Reply To This Comment

Creamy, frothy & delicious looking mocha cappuccino.

Nalini's Kitchen said... Reply To This Comment

Wonderful cappuccino recipe..

Harini R said... Reply To This Comment

Shall try this for my husband.

Srivalli said... Reply To This Comment

Looks so much like a restaurant one Priya..too good..

Sandhya Ramakrishnan said... Reply To This Comment

All these drinks are so addictive! Wish I could taste some.

Gayathri Kumar said... Reply To This Comment

Using a blender for making foam is a nice idea. Your mocha cappuccino looks so inviting..