Sunday, February 7, 2016

Heart Shaped Brioche - Valentine's Day Special Bread

If you are looking for a Special bread for Valentine's day, dont forget to take a look at this brioche bread. This bread is quite easy to shape and trust me you can shape them quickly without any difficult. Actually i have been looking for heart shaped bread and i got this pattern from Pinterest. Its a Japanese site and thank god, the author shared some stepwise pictures for making this heart shaped brioche.This brioche dough asks for chocolate bread dough and usual brioche dough. Instead of using unsweetened cocoa powder, i used nutella spread to make the chocolate brioche dough. Obviously we doesnt need any spread to have this brioche, though my kids enjoyed thoroughly with nutella again.

Heart shaped brioche, Marble heart shaped brioche

Bread making at home is an art and its definitely a stress buster,i seriously missed baking bread at home since few days and finally i baked some breads this weekend. One among those bread is this heart shaped brioche, as a valentine's day's special bread  .If you want to make some cute brioche breads with brioche dough, do make some and am sure you guys will definitely love this easy heart shaped brioche. You doesnt need any special gadget to make this brioche, just a rolling pin and a knife is enough to shape this cuties.

Heart shaped brioche

3cups Bread flour or all purpose flour
1tbsp Active dry yeast
1/2cup Milk (luke warm)
3nos Egg yolks
1/4cup Sugar +1tsp Sugar
1tsp Salt
100grms Butter
3tbsp Nutella

Mix the yeast,a teaspoon of sugar and salt to the luke warm milk, keep aside until the yeast turns foamy.

Meanwhile take the flour,egg yolks,sugar in a large bowl, add gradually the foamy yeast and turn everything as a soft dough, now add the butter and knead everything for 10minutes.

Divide the dough into equal balls, add nutella to one dough ball and knead well to get chocolate brioche dough.

Arrange these doughs in a two bowls covered with a towel,keep aside for atleast for 2hours until they double their volume.

Knead the dough again for few minutes.

Make small balls of dough out of this both doughs, take a usual dough ball and roll it as small disc, drop the chocolate dough ball and wrap it or vice versa, you can roll chocolate brioche dough as disc and drop the usual dough ball and wrap it. (I did the both way).

Roll it as oval shaped dough, fold it as two, and make a slit with a knife , keep the edges intact.

Turn the dough and sharp the edge to make a heart shaped brioche. Continue the same process with the remaining dough.

Arrange the brioche dough over  a baking paper lined over a baking tray and keep it aside for half an hour.

Brioche with chocolate heart

Preheat the oven to 350F, brush the brioche with milk generously.

Bake for 20-25minutes until the crust turns brown.

Let it cool completely.

Enjoy this brioche with your favourite spread.


Carole said... Reply To This Comment

Priya, this would be a super contribution to Food on Friday: Valentine's Day over at Carole's Chatter. Please do bring it over. Cheers

Rafeeda AR said... Reply To This Comment

Really innovative! I love the way the inside has become... very nice...

Chitz said... Reply To This Comment

Really cute ones.. Aptly for valentine's day ;)

Harini R said... Reply To This Comment

Cute ones, Priya.