Sunday, October 4, 2015

Lángos - Hungarian Flat Bread

Wikipedia says that Lángos, is a Hungarian food speciality, a deep fried flat bread also a street food is simply made of a dough with flour, yeast, salt and water. It is also traditionally made in Vojvodina, Serbia, where it was introduced by the local Hungarians. Lángos is a dough made of water or milk and flour, with a dash of sugar and salt and fried in oil. Adding sour cream, yoghurt or mashed potatoes to the dough is optional, in the latter case it is called potato lángos.It is eaten fresh and warm, topped with sour cream and grated cheese,ham, or sausages, or most frequently, without toppings, just rubbed with garlic or garlic butter, or doused with garlic water. Other ingredients and accompaniments can be mushroom, quark cheese, eggplant, cabbage, kefir, omelet, and a confectioner's sugar or jam. 

Lángos, Hungarian Street Food

It is popular all year long. As it is a rather affordable and simple food, it is often sold around bus stations (where commuters can purchase it), fairs, and all over Eastern European countries on local celebrations or sport events.Traditionally lángos was baked in the front of the brick oven close to the flames. This is the basis for its name; "láng" means "flame" in the Hungarian language. Lángos was made from bread dough and was served as breakfast on the days when new bread was baked. Now that people no longer have brick ovens and do not bake bread at home, lángos is always fried in oil.These lángos are going to this week's blogging marathon as i picked different pancakes/flatbreads.

Lángos, Hungarian Flatbread

Recipe Source: Zizi's Adventures
2+1/2cups All-purpose flour
1tsp Instant yeast
1cup Lukewarm water
1/2tsp Salt
Sunflower oil for frying
Toppings: sour cream, grated cheese, garlic (as per need)

In a bowl combine the sifted flour,salt with the yeast. Add water to it and knead it as a dough until its turns smooth. 

Leave the dough in the bowl, cover with a clean cloth and let it rise for 30-40 minutes.

Punch down the dough and make 8-9 balls, with your fingers make a round disc like dough.

Lángos,Hungarian Langos,Hungarian Street Food

Stretch out each pieces with your fingers with the centre being thinner than the edges. Let the pieces rest for another 30 minutes on the floured surface.

In a pan heat sunflower oil. 

Place lángos into the hot oil, fry it on one side until golden brown then turn. 

Repeat with the remaining lángos dough.

Serve while its hot top it with sour cream, grated cheese and chopped garlic.

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MySpicyKitchen said... Reply To This Comment

That is an interesting deep fried yeast bread. Loved reading about the origins of the bread.

vaishali sabnani said... Reply To This Comment

Wow isn't. It delicious? I made it for one of the mega BM and we all loved it.

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It is similar to our bhaturas i think!looks good!

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very interesting bread Priya

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I remember bookmarking when Vaishali had posted it..forgot abt it..thanks for reminding..and your bread has turned out yum!

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delicious flatbread!!! so unique and so different... i am loving this one soooo much...

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Such a lovely flatbread! Love to have some right now.

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Very interesting flatbread recipe Priya. They look amazing.

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nice to learn about this interesting flatbread - never heard of them before

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Have never heard of this....looks lipsmacking!