Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Risgrøt/ Norwegian rice pudding ~~ Norwegian Cuisine

After Moroccan cuisine, let me take you all to an another European tour, yes we are landing today to Norway. Am running a month of long blogging marathon with world cuisine starting with alphabets as theme, today for the alphabet 'N', am taking you all to Norwegian cisine. Most Norwegians eat three or four regular meals a day, usually consisting of a cold breakfast with coffee, a cold,usually packed lunch at work and a hot dinner at home with the family. Depending on the timing of family dinner, some may add a cold meal in the late evening, typically a simple sandwich.The basic Norwegian breakfast consists of milk or fruit juice, coffee or more rarely tea, and open sandwiches with meat cuts, spreads, cheese or jam. Cereals such as corn flakes, muesli and oatmeal are also popular, particularly with children.A meal that is eaten between 4-6pm. This is the meal that is considered the "warm" meal of the day. The rest of the meals served throughout the day are generally cold. Some foods eaten at this time would be fish with boiled potatoes and vegetables.Bread is an important staple food of Norwegian diet. A soft bread called lefse made out of potato,milk or lemonade and flour is very popular here. Cheese are extremely popular in Norway, many varieties of traditional products are available.

Risgrøt/ Norwegian rice pudding,riskrem

Today am posting one of the famous Norwegian rice pudding called Risgrot,this pudding or porridge is prepared during the day of Christmas eve. This Risgrot goes for white rice cooked along in milk, salt, sugar and vanilla makes this delicious pudding. While serving, this pudding is served along with cinnamon, sugar and a dollop of butter in the center. This dish is also called as Riskrem in which whipped cream is added to the already prepared rice porridge,and this Riskrem will be mildly sweetened and fluffy,served with red berry sauce.However this rice porridge or rice pudding is eaten thoroughout the year in Norway and its quite a typical saturday lunch for families throughout the country.This pudding/porridge goes for simple ingredients and can be prepared easily in stove top, but the cooking time may be bit time consuming but its definitely worth to try this dish. Some add raisins in this pudding and some may not, since i love raisins i tried adding them, the addition of these raisins brings a mild sweetness to this dish.

Norwegian rice pudding, risengrot, riskrem

Recipe Source : The Country Basket
1+1/2cup Rice (broken basmati rice works wonder)
3cup Water
5cup Whole milk
2tbsp Castor sugar
1tsp Salt
2tsp Vanilla sugar  or vanilla extract
2tbsp Raisins

Cook the rice in simmer in water in a heavy pot, covered and stirring occasionally, on low heat until most of the water is absorbed. This will take approximately 10 minutes.

Add 1/2cup of milk, continuing to add more over the next 45-60 minutes while simmering on low heat. Stir well every five minutes .

Add more milk whenever the porridge thickens as the milk absorbs, until rice is nicely tender and porridge is thick and creamy.

Add sugar, salt, and vanilla powder, raisins stir well and serve while hot.

If vanilla powder is not available, you may use vanilla extract; however, this brown liquid will change the color of the porridge and it will not be as white as it should be.

If the porridge gets too thick, add more milk to thin it.

Serve in bowls and sprinkle with cinnamon and white sugar, and a dab of butter in the center.

Leave leftovers in the refrigerator, and thin with milk when reheating.


Suma Gandlur said... Reply To This Comment

That creamy, eggless pudding looks very delicious.

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Awesome pudding! Love the way you have garnished the bowls. Yummy!

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That is a sinful dessert. Good one.

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Delicious and lovely looking recipe. Excellent Norwegian dessert.

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lovely one - almost like pal payasam na...

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beautiful picture, vanilla flavor enhances rice based sweets in my view

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Interesting pudding.. love the texture

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it is fantastic how each region has their own rice pudding with small variations! yum...

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Like the yummy rice pudding. Simple yet delicious.

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very much like the indian rice pudding yeah , Priya. ?...

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The pudding looks heavenly Priya..

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Very addictive pudding , wish to grab some..

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Seems like our version of kheer:))but of course the vanilla would make it fantastic..lovely recipe choice.

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Soundls like our version of kheer but the vanilla will make it yummier. Will love to try it with the whipped cream version also.Beautiful choice Priya.

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Pudding looks so delicious, just finished my dinner, feel like having a cup for dessert..

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pudding looks lovely and delicious.

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Such a creamy & comforting rice pudding.

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creamy and delish pudding..looks yumm

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very tempting pictures, Priya.

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I love any kind of rice pudding and this one is no different

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Looks so rich and creamy, similar to our kheer but with vanilla.!

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That creamy pudding looks absolutely inviting...

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Looks so creamy Priya and you have presented it well with the garnish :)