Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Palacsinta/Hungarian Crepes/Hungarian Pancakes ~~~Hungarian Cuisine

Hungarian cuisine, this cuisine belongs to Hungary, and to its primary ethnic group The Magyars.Hungarian dishes are cooked with meats, seasonal vegetables, fruits,fresh bread, dairy products and cheese.Hungarians love to enjoy their meat in stews, casseroles, as steaks. The mixing of different meats and vegetables in their dish is a traditional feature of this cuisine.Soups,desserts, pastries and the famous pancakes are the other important dishes of this Hungarian cuisine.I have been looking for a simple recipe from this cuisine for this month's long blogging marathon as we are cooking from around the world with country name starts with alphabets, since today"s alphabet is 'H',i picked immediately the Hungarian cuisine. While going through the google master, i got hooked immediately to their Palacsinta, the famous Hungarian pancakes or crepes. These crepes are almost as like French crepes.However most of the Central European pancakes are thin pancakes similar to the French crêpe. The main difference between the French and this Hungarian version of this dish is that the mixture for this crepes can be used straight away unlike that of the French crepes which is suggested to be left at rest for several hours. Palacsinta are made by creating a runny dough from eggs, flour, milk, and salt and frying it in a pan with butter or oil. Unlike thicker types of pancakes, palascinta are usually served with different types of fillings and eaten for lunch or dinner.One among the  well known crepes of this Hungarian cuisine is the Gundel pancake (Gundel palacsinta), made with ground walnuts, raisin, candied orange peel, cinnamon, and rum filling, served flambéed in dark chocolate sauce made with egg yolks, heavy cream, and cocoa.

Palacsinta, Hungarian Pancakes, Hungarian crepes

But the Hungarian pancakes i picked for this blogging marathon is the simplest one, you can fill this palacsinta simply with any spread like apricot or strawberry jam, you can also go for sugar, grounded walnuts or poppy seeds. Some people may also fill their pancakes with sugared cheese, sweetened cocoa or simply with cinnamon powder. These thin crepes are dangerously addictive and my kids enjoyed this cigars shaped like crepes happily for their evening snacks. These crepes can be prepared very easily with simple ingredients,we loved it very much. However i prepared this crepes with eggs, an eggless version can also be prepared if you replace the eggs simply with buttermilk.

Palacsinta, Hungarian Crepes, Hungarian pancakes

Recipe Source: Budapestology
2cups All purpose flour
3cups Milk
3nos Eggs
2tsp Sugar
2tbsp Oil

Take the eggs in a large bowl, beat with a hand mixer.

Add the flour, sugar, milk and oil, beat everything well, the batter should be smooth and runny.

Heat a crepe pan or a frying pan, heat some butter on medium heat, drop enough batter, turn the pan until the batter cover the bottom of the pan.

This crepe should be thin, when its turns brown, flip and cook on the other side.

Remove the crepe from the pan, continue the same process with the remaining batter.

Put jam, marmalade or anything over the crepe, spread it and roll it carefully.

Sprinkle some sugar in the top.

Serve immediately.


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They are very similar to the French crepes. Very nicely done.

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I would not mind this crepe for breakfast or evening snack. Looks tasty

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Though I don't favor eggy pancakes personally, your version look so thin and appealing. And mine too is from Hungary for tomorrow.

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Give me for breakfast and I wont take minutes to finish it all :)

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Wow! pancakes look so good. Very differently presented, Priya. Loving it.

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Wow these crepes look so delicate and pretty. Priya the pro that you are you should have posted the egg less version too for people like us:)

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wow such a thin crepes.yummy with honey

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pancakes look super yumm..

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Crepes are my daughter's favorite, you have made them so well.

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These pancakes look too delish.. Would love to have it with marmalade.. Yumm yumm

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yummy pancake...

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I guess all of us ended up with lots of pancakes!..your pancake surely looks yum Priya..

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yummy Snacks

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Simple yet interesting pancakes. Would love to taste with chocolate spread!

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looks so light and tasty

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Hungarian pancakes looks so thin, soft and delicious. will try it sometime for my kids :)

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The crepes look so tempting and delicious, can have some now..

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Love these Hungarian version of crepes. Yummy..

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wow those crepes looks very addictive :) wonderfully done and lovely recipe selection aks :) waiting to see your rest of the pancakes :)

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Perfectly made I don't mind to have them for any time.

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wow, Priya. I am amazed at all the international recipes you are presenting. Pancake looks very unique and delicious.

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Pancakes look perfect Priya. Nicely presented...

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Very nicely done, how did you spread it so thin?

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lovely lacey crepes, you know the best art for this..so no surprise

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such an informative post about Hungary and their cuisine. crepes look fab

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Loved your write up on Hungary Priya and these crepes are again bookmarked.

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I haven't tried this type of crepes yet. They look fabulous...

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My family loves crepes too an dthis looks like such a nice recipe. Will surely try it Priya!