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Rendez Vous With A Foodie - Sanoli Ghosh of Sanoli's Kitchen

Days are running so faster for me, since my kids started their schooling eventhough life is back to routine, am keeping myself busy in few stuffs,obviously my days are not slow as before.Reading books,chatting with friends, outing, shopping and some baking,yes my day is filled with so many activities and am loving it coz i dont like to sit idle. Today is 7th september and its time for my event Rendez Vous With A Foodie, an event happening twice a month in my blog,the main motto of this event is to introduce budding bloggers to this immense virtual world. This event is a huge hit and am happy that finally i could conduct an event through which few of the new bloggers are getting closer to me and am enjoying the bond between us. Eventhough i wont promote myself as a Super blogger, but still i think that i may showcase those new buddies to this incredible virtual world. I started this event few months back, till now many bloggers joined their hands with me and few are still in queue to showcase their space here. Thanking god for this,needless to say that this event is very close to my heart.

Today am introducing an incredible chef, who shares many interesting dishes, especially many delicious Bengali dishes in her space, she never fails to surprise me with her droolworthy dishes with her stepwise pictures. Just go through her space, am sure you will definitely fallen in love with her space. She is none other than Sanoli Ghosh of Sanoli's Kitchen, i came to know Sanoli last year and we started visiting our respective blogs mutually. Slowly we got to know more and she fabulously challenged us with an incredible dish Peas kachori with dum aloo for the famous South Vs North Challenge.I cant forget the taste of this combo even today and it became our family favourite since ever i tried it. Sanoli is an enthusiastic blogger with a huge heart, very respective and a truthful friend, a best sister whom am eagerly waiting to meet atleast once in my life time. Sanoli,this wonderful blogger who shares stepwise pictures to each and every post is really a down to earth person.Even a beginner or bachelor can learn any dish from her space as she shares accurate measurements to every dishes she blogs.

Let's hear from Sanoli now..

Today is really a very special day for me and I was waiting for it from few month’s back.  The reason is I am going to guest post on my favourite food blogger friend, my Priya Suresh akka’s space, Priya’s Versatile Recipes. Each month she introduced two of the new fellow bloggers and their recipes on her event “Rendezvous with a foodie”.

 Priya akka is a wonderful human being, whenever we, fellow bloggers (or who are new to this food blogging world) need any help, we always get guidance and the cooperation from her. When I saw she announced about her event, I placed my request and akka approved me to give a chance to showcase my recipe on the space. Feeling immense honour and it is a great opportunity to showcase my talent on this event. I admire and respect Priya Suresh akka from the core of my heart.

 I am really happy to get Priya akka in this virtual blogging world, as she is an inspiration to me in cooking and baking. I am really thankful to her to get this opportunity and feeling very honoured today. Thanks a ton akka. Here is my super delicious mouth watery recipe “Corn Peas Kababs”, a vegan kabab, which is very easy with few ingredients and can be prepared in minutes. Hope you will like this treat Priya akka, lets come to the recipe…

1) Tell us about your blog and you?
Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Sanoli Ghosh, the creator & author of “Sanoli’s Kitchen”. Me and my husband both are complete foodie and cooking is my passion. I love to experiment on new dishes, as don’t like regular stuff. I entered kitchen for cooking only after marriage and on that day I was quite novice, my husband taught me the nuts and bolts of it. On those days, cooking was an adventure for me. Gradually, my cooking skills have been amplified. Now I can cook lot of varieties; as much as I love making my traditional family recipes, I also love taking a plunge into other cuisines of India and around the world. 

I don’t consider myself an expert, my blog contains all tested and tried recipes and those are loved by our family and friends. It is my belief, learning never ends. I am always enthusiastic to learn new things. I am quite outspoken and transparent in nature. Though, a careerist woman before, now enjoying this phase of life as a proud homemaker.

2)Before and after blogging, tell us what blogging changed your life?
Before blogging, I was attached with corporate world, not that much sufficient time was in my hand. That time I experimented on my kitchen on weekend basis only. But after starting food blogging, I learnt a lot. I started many more exploration in my kitchen on regular basis, it is definitely changed my life and filled it with lots of fun and enjoyment. Not only cooking and serving new dishes, but food photography is also quite interesting which I started after my blogging only. Feeling so happy that I got bunches of virtual friends, who always inspiring me and definitely it changed my lonely life and gave a new trend. Before I was not aware of technical issues on blogging. But dissolving different problems, now much more aware on it.

3)When and what motivated you to blog about food?
Before this year, I was in USA for 3&1/2 years. Lots of Indian bachelors and newly married couples were there who were always searching for good and tasty Indian food. Very oftenly, they asked me about several recipes. So I decided to start my food blog to share my recipes with them. As I love food and passionate on cooking & baking, I thought if my shared dishes would been tried out by them, it must be criticized and my hubby was my first critic. I admired it, because those were a lesson for me, to cook or bake in a better way towards the perfection.

4)There are a tonsof blogs/pages on food these days, what accordingto you is the speciality of your blog and the food you cook?
I loved to cook or bake very easy and simple recipes with step by step detailed pictorial presentation, which is surely help a novice to cook in a better way. I always tried to use very easily available ingredients which are maximum available in our pantries. So, anyone can tryout those dishes on daily basis.

5) When it comes to cooking, who is your inspiration?
My grandma was the best inspiration to me for making traditional recipes in delicious way. After that my mom is an expert to make fusion food, I learnt different techniques from her too.

6)Every newbie blogger faces tons of challenges when its comes to blogging, tell me about one of the challenges you faced and how did you overcome it?
I faced lots of problems while I started my blogging, first few days I was waiting for a single follower, no one was there to follow my space with a single comment. I was really too sad. But I didn’t stop myself to post recipes. After few weeks or so, people started to visit and follow my space with their beautiful comments. I got bunches of lovely, cooperating friends in this virtual world. Thanks to this blogging world.

7)What is your best recipe and your favourite recipes you have blogged till now?
I love most of my recipes, but there are some which I do think are my best recipes.Litti,Mixed Chokha with hara dhaniya chutney,Grilled Murgb Tangri Kabab,Chicken Shashlik,Vanilla Chocolate Chips Muffins,Litchi Cookie Dessert,Sugar free Eggless Chocolate Pudding,Easy Bread Pizza,Ragda Patties,Green Peas Kachori With Spicy Dam Aloo and Kolambi Bhaat-Konkani Prawn Rice.

8)Few tips about food photography?
 I don’t have much knowledge in photography. But few things I must say, food photography definitely needs lots of patience. Keep clicking as much as possible. No need to use expensive and exclusive props. Try to shoot in daylight, attractive background and decent presentation are required. Lastly, use a photo editing tool to edit pictures perfectly.

9)What is your budget for the props,do you have any or else do you manage with your household stuffs?
 I don’t have any constraint budget. Normally I try to manage with the stuffs which are available in my pantry. But nowadays I frequently purchase stuffs for baking and It increases my budget a little. For the props, no such budget, but if anything I find out lucrative, will go for it.

10)How do you plan your blog posts? Do you post rarely,regularly or once a week?
 I don’t have any plan as such. It depends on my personal commitments. But I post at least twice a week on my blog.
11)Do you have any other passions apart from food blogging or blogs you own?
 Other than blogging, I love music, so whenever I get free time, I listen any type of music. I love to read novels. Home décor is also one of my interesting fields.

Corn Peas Kathi Kababs:

1 Cup Sweet Corn (frozen)
½ Cup Green Peas (frozen)
¼ Cup Sattu (roasted Bengal gram / chana dal flour)
1&1/2 tsp Finely Chopped Green Chilies
1 Egg 
8 Kabab Sticks
2 tbsps Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves
1 tsp Cumin Powder
2 tsp Dried Mango Powder (amchur)
½ tsp Paprika
1 tsp Sugar (for flavor)
Salt to taste
2-3 tbsps Oil (for shallow frying)
1/3 tsp Chaat Masala 
1 tsp Lemon Juice

Firstly, lightly crush corn and peas separately  in grinder.

Mix everything (except chaat masala, lemon juice, kabab sticks and oil) nicely in a large bowl.  This must be a tight mixture. (if not add little more sattu)

Grease kabab sticks with little oil. Divide the mixture in to 6 equal parts. Put onto wooden sticks with moist hand and give a shape like kababs.

Heat oil in a non-stick tawa or griddle. Place 2-3 kababs on it. 

Shallow fry those kababs on medium heat.  Turning is needed to brown evenly.

Place on a serving tray, sprinkle chaat masala and lemon juice on the top. Serve immediately with green coriander chutney and onion rings.

Enjoy this super delectable corn kathi kababs.



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Wow! lovely kebabs.Nice to know about of my favourite food blogger.Thanks Priya for the lovely event.

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Lovely guest post by sanoli, feel like grabbing thos yummy looking kebabs... :)

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Very lovely guest post by Sano didi... Love the entire post with the yummy kebab... Kudos to both aks...

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Yummy Kathi Kababs........and thanks for letting us know about Sanoli's blog!!

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lip smacking good kebabs :-)

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Thanks a lot Priya akka for your lovely words, I also eagerly want to meet you in my life span. Thank you so much akka for giving me this opportunity. Thanks a lot......

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Lovely guest post Sonali ji... It is really nice to know more about you. Thanks Priya akka for the guest post....
The kebabs looks so inviting and awesome...

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