Friday, July 12, 2013

Announcing Healthy Diet-Cooking With Wholegrains

After diabetic friendly recipes,am announcing my Healthy diet event with cooking with wholegrains. I do cook atleast thrice a week with wholegrains and they have their important role in our menu.Eventhough wholegrains are bit expensive here, i dont forget to pick from my nearby organic shop. One of my favourite whole grain is Oats, after that i started experimenting with quinoa,foxtail millet,barley and started loving them quite often. Most of the wholegrains are versatile and suits prefectly for making Indian dishes as well as western style cuisine.

What Is A “Whole Grain”?

A grain is the edible seed of a cereal grass. These seeds, called “kernels,” are the means through which the grass reproduces.   A “whole grain” has proportions of the bran, germ, and endosperm similar to those found in the harvested kernel. Whole grains may be intact, but they may also be cracked, flaked, or ground.

Along with the weight loss benefits, including whole grains in the diet has been shown to reduce the risk of developing several chronic disease such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Whole grains also provide fibre, a range of vitamins such as vitamin E and B vitamins, minerals like magnesium, zinc, iron and selenium, and phytonutrients. But, you won’t get these benefits from processed, refined grains like those in white bread – instead stick to whole grain varieties like whole grain bread, oats, barley or quinoa (a pseudo grain that is technically a seed).

You need to do:

1)Cook anything with whole grains, both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes are accepted from today to 12th August 2103..

2)Post as many dishes as you can in your blog from today onwards..many entries per person are allowed..

3)Link back your entry to this Healthy Diet event  announcement page..

4)I'll accept the old entries, if they are reposted with this page link..

5)Using Logo is very much appreciated..

6)Please take care to send all your delicious entries before 12th August 2013.


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lovely event akka.sure send enties

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Lovely event ...will try to participate

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Wonderful event ! Will link up soon..
Do participate in my event

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Nice event akka will try to participate...

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lovely event...

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Nice event. will try to link in :)

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My kinda challenge.. have to make something soon!

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Pria Chechi
I have linked my entry pesarattu dosa.Hope u like it. Happy hosting.

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Hi Priya,

Its superb event...shared 2 recipes ragi paniyaram (Sweet) and Pearl millet porridge...