Thursday, August 6, 2009

Scrambled Eggs N Broccoli Sandwich

Scrambled eggs, i just love it simply with bread toast...Our weekend menu goes almost to scrambled eggs with bread toast, cereals and hot coffee or tea..Sometime i used to make out scrambled eggs either with chopped onions, tomatoes or else simply with salt and pepper...Last sunday, i went to my farmers market after a long back and i bought few broccolis from there.

While preparing my scrambled eggs i added few chopped broccoli florets to my scrambled eggs, i served this scrambled egg with bread toast for our lunch with salad...It was really fulfilling, healthy and delicious sandwich prefect for everyone, its quite an easy and simple way to feed whoever really hate having broccolis.

2nos Eggs
1/4cup Broccoli florets (chopped finely)
1tsp Soya sauce
1/4tsp Pepper powder

Whisk together the eggs and soyasauce..heat a tsp oil and saute the chopped broccoli florets with pepper powder and salt until they turns add the whisked eggs to the sauteed broccoli florets and cook in simmer, give a stir every two or three seconds until the eggs get cooked well..

Serve hot with toasted breads!

Lata Raja,Kittymatti,Lissie,Srilakshmi, PoornimaNair,Suparna,Aquadaze, Sushma Mallya & Preeti have given me a wonderful and beautiful Kreativ Blogger Award..

1. You must thank the person who has given you the award.
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Here come 7things about me:

1)Am an addict to chocolates, i can definitely say that i cant live without having chocolates atleast once a week specially dark chocolates..
2)I cant stop listening songs, i love soul soothing Raja's songs, my favourites goes to 80's songs..
3)Am not a picky eater, i can eat anything and my favourite food items goes for a long list..
4)I love watching thriller and comedy movies..
5)I like to visit many foreign countries and i have a huge list to visit anyhow my favourite visit goes to India...
6)I love singing..after cooking, singing was my second passion..just love it...
7)I love to walk in rain..

Now its my turn to share this award to 7 of my blogger friends eventhough its really a tough task for me..Here we go:

2)Anu Sriram
5)Lakshmi Venkatesh


Suparna said... Reply To This Comment

hi Priya,
The scrambled eggs n broccoli sandwich looks u said it seems fulfilling :)
Congrats on ur award! and was nice to know u more :) I love to walk in rain too :) good to know u love to sing :)I love to listen..I'll always be there ven u need audience :)
Stay happy!

NAVAL LANGA said... Reply To This Comment


Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

oohh priya very pro. rich and healthy sandwich interesting yaar!!.

Faiza Ali said... Reply To This Comment

yum...very healthy and tasty sandwich, Priya.

Valarmathi Sanjeev said... Reply To This Comment

Congrats on ur award. Thanks for passing me dear. Healthy and tasty sandwich. Looks good.

Ann said... Reply To This Comment

Congrats on your award! and many more to come :)

suvi said... Reply To This Comment

congrats priya! ditto on the last pt.
love;y sandwich combo

Sushma Mallya said... Reply To This Comment

delicious sandwiches priya....

Preety said... Reply To This Comment

eggs and broccoli, a healthy combo makes a healthy sandwich..good one

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

what one can ask more in a sandwich ? filling to the core..

Mythreyi Dilip said... Reply To This Comment

Congrats on ur award! I love sandwich and this one is quiet different, looks very good.

PriyaRaj said... Reply To This Comment

Ur Recipes look awesome .soon i will try it & tell............

mullaimadavan said... Reply To This Comment

Priya, advanced pirantha naal vazhthukal!!!

Pooja said... Reply To This Comment

That is a delicious healthy sandwich Priya! Congrats on your award! Nice to know more about you :)

sathya said... Reply To This Comment

congrats on your award priya. sandwich looks very delicious.

Poornima Nair said... Reply To This Comment

You totally deserve the award Priya, ur one of the most creative bloggers out there. The sandwich is yumm, love the filling.
Ditto on all the points except the singing part, i'm quite lacking in talent in that department:).

vidhas said... Reply To This Comment

Delicious and filling sandwich, perfect entry for the event, Congrats on your award, And thanks a ton for thinking me. I feel honoured.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Congrats on ur award der!u really deserve it!
Luv this healthy&tasty sandwich..
very useful post!

Lavanya Raj said... Reply To This Comment

Congrads!! and Thank You for the Award and Love!!

Sandwich is fully packed with healthy stuffings!

Raks said... Reply To This Comment

Nice combo Priya!

Kitchen Chronicles said... Reply To This Comment

The toast looks great. And tasty. Thanks a lot for the award.

lissie said... Reply To This Comment

wow, tempting sandwich...I will surely try this one :)
Congrats on your Awards!

Sayali said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Priya. Can you suggest something else than scrambled eggs to go with broccoli...?

MK said... Reply To This Comment

I just made this and your vegan strawberry cupcakes are in the oven!!! Thanks for all the awesome recipes. You are inspiring me to cook more on my own. I LOVE your blog. I've bookmarked it!!

MK said... Reply To This Comment

Amazing. Just made/ate this. I substituted the pepper powder with red cayenne pepper and black pepper.

Soooo good! I also have your vegan strawberry muffins in the oven as I type this!