Thursday, April 30, 2015

Butterscotch Chips Palmiers

Palmiers, is a french pastry which goes for puff pastry, a very similar dough usually used making crossiants.Palmiers have different names, they are also known as elephant ears, french hearts, palm leaves or else sugar hearts. Palmiers can be baked easily with puff pastry sheets and sugar, yes just two ingredients is quite enough to bake out these cuties. Eventhough you can simply prepare this dangerously addictive palmiers just with sugar, you can still bake them with many variations like chocolate chips, cinnamon powder, pesto, cheese, fruit chunks etc.. One of my recent trial is this addictive butterscotch chips palmiers. These cuties are very easy to do as much as like the usual palmiers. Palmiers takes very less time to get ready and bake. You doesnt need any specific gadgets to bake this cuties.Sending to Srivalli's Anniversary Mela.

Do you know how to make this cuties??, just take the puff pastry, sprinkle with sugar, and then roll the two sides  together so that they meet in the middle, make its as a roll,keep in freezer for a few minutes then cut into about 1/4" slices and bake it. Usually it is rolled in sugar before baking, if you are using chocolate chips or fruit chunks, you can skip sugar. Even savoury palmiers exists, however my kids are ardent fans of the sweet ones. Cant believe this palmiers are my last post of this month's mega marathon. Enjoyed thoroughly this long blogging marathon and kudos to each and every marathoners for all their wonderful bakes, now i have a huge list of bookmarked recipes to bake.

Butterscotch Elephant Ears

1no Puff pastry sheet
1tbsp Butter (melted)
2tbsp Sugar
1/2cup Butterscotch chips

Brush the puff pastry sheet with the melted butter.

Sprinkle the sugar and butterscotch chips generously over the pastry sheet and fold on both sides to bring both edges to the middle to form a log, arrange in freezer for 15minutes.

Meanwhile preheat the oven to 350F.

Slice the freezed log as small pieces and arrange over the baking sheet lined over a baking tray.

Bake for 12-15minutes until the crust turns golden brown..

Let it cool completely, dont handle the palmiers when they were warm.


Butterscotch chips sugar hearts


  1. Adding butterscotch chips to palmiers is an innovative.

  2. Wow adding butterscotch chips to palmiers is a great idea. They look so yummy!!
    Loved all your bakes in this marathon.

  3. I know these as sugar hearts. Like the addition of peanut butter chips. I have enjoyed reading your posts through the month.

  4. palmiers are looking awesome.. love the addition of the butterscotch chips... a great way to end the marathon!!

  5. Very tempting and addictive palmiers.

  6. Aw..these sugary hearts look so cute, lovely way to end the marathon...cute hearts.
    Enjoyed all your bakes Priya:)

  7. Lovely way to end the marathon. That addition of butterscotch chips to palmiers is very interesting.
    Loved all your bakes this marathon.

  8. Palmiers have been on my to do list for a while now..your version looks so yum..what a lovely way to end the marathon!..enjoyed all your bakes..amazing to know that even with your hectic schedule you managed such awesome bakes!

  9. Butterscotch chips is an interesting addition to the palmiers.

  10. Don't know, one can work with butterscotch chip with palmiers!! Awesome..

  11. These palmiers are also one of the popular dish in the BM right? Adding butterscotch sounds yum

  12. Adding butterscotch chips in palmiers sounds inviting and innovative.Crunchy looking cookies..

  13. Palmiers are my favorite and the butterscotch chips in them makes it a double joy :)


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