Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tosha - A Sindhi Sweet

Cant imagine Diwali without a sweet, if you are searching for an easy and a delicious sweet which goes for simple ingredients with less efforts this Sindhi sweet Tosha will come in secure. Yes this delightful Tosha goes for all purpose flour or maida, curd and baking soda, with a simle sugar syrup. This is a very easy,quick and very addictive sweet which can be stored for many days in an air tightened box. Tosha tastes almost like our South Indian badusha, but the shape is different from the former one.

Actually when i was searching for a quick sweet, i got this Tosha from here, thanks Nivedita for sharing this incredible sweet which gets ready in a jiffy. As i told earlier, with less efforts you can make these cuties if you dont want to spend more time in your kitchen during festival. You dont know how to make badusha and want to make a sweet which tastes similar to it, just makes this toshas and enjoy it.This beauties are going Diwali Delicacies Event, hosted by me and Sangee Vijay of spicy treats and to Gayathri's Diwali Special.

1cup All purpose flour or maida
1/2tsp Baking soda
1/2cup Oil
1/2tsp Salt
1/2cup Curd

For sugar syrup:
2cups Sugar
2+1/2cups Water

Take the flour,salt and baking soda, now the oil and curd gradually alternatively and knead the dough as smooth dough.

Knead well until the dough turns smooth (dont add water while kneading)

Make small kababs like rolls from the dough (u can get almost 30pieces)

Heat oil, fry the rolls in medium simmer flame until they turns golden in colour (dont cook in high flame else the interior of the toshas will stay uncook)

Meanwhile make the sugar syrup with sugar and water until they turns thick.

Drop the toshas into the sugar syrup ,stir them well in the syrup.

Remove it,let it cool completely.

Store in airtightened box.


  1. This looks so simple, and totally do-able. Planning to try it soon. Will let you know if I do. :)

  2. Wow...looks like jamuns ....superb akka...pic is tempting me ...

  3. So easy but delicious sweet akka. Will definitely tryout soon.

  4. Simple and delicious. Yumm! They look very similar to gulab jamuns.

  5. Looks cute priya!!!! Real quick one to make!!!

  6. Never heard of this. Looks and sounds delicious.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. They look similar to jamuns Akka. Have seen few people make them in this shape.. Looks super delicious and yes, perfect for Diwali.. :)

  8. very interesting recipe,looks like jamun...super tempting!!

  9. It looks like its very easy.REminds me of gulab jamun.


  10. New to me.Looks yummy.......

  11. Different and delicious, looks like gulab jamuns, yumm..

  12. this is new to me... resembles so much like jamuns!! love it!!


  13. such a very interesting and lovely sweet aks... just now i packed all my sweets... but here u tempting me again to do... ;)

  14. Very simple and nice. Will try

  15. this definitely is a keeper recipe. gets made in such a lesser time frame.

  16. Look like dry jamun, quiet simple and delicious sweet!

  17. Thanks for introducing a new sweet recipe.. This resembles gulab jamun.

  18. Looks like my bookmark section is going to be filled only with ur recipes.
    Tosha looks yummm

  19. this a new one for me.. n looks inviting ..

  20. Looks similar to gulab jamuns, delicious sweet treat.


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