Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dry Ginger & Dry Amla Powder

Actually dunno whether this post need an introduction, all of us know the medicinal value of dry ginger and also needless to say how healthy amlas are. Seriously these both dry ginger and dry amla makes an incredible home remedy for cough and cold. I simply prepare a drink with this spice powder whenever i was suffering from both sore throat and cough.Trust me with frequent intaking of this concoction will helps you very much and they works wonder anytime of the day. Simply add a teaspoon of this powder in a boiling water, bring it to boil, strain the water and drink with palm sugar, and see how wonderfully they works while you are suffering from the cough and cold.

One of my recent favourite is this dry amla, my mom got them during her last trip to India from an organic shop.No problem, if you dont get dry amla pieces and dry ginger, you can make this drink with fresh ginger and fresh amla pieces, just crush both and bring them to boil with crushed black peppercorns and coriander seeds, your concoction is ready to drink.Sending this home remedy to my event  Healthy Diet - Fat Free Recipes guest host by Dhanish and to WTML guest hosted by Asiya, event by Gayathri.

Method 1:
1/4cup Sukku (dry ginger)
1/4cup Dry amla
1/4cup Black peppercorns
1cup Coriander seeds
Palm sugar as per need

Grind as coarse powder all these spices and store them in air tightened box.

For the concoction:
Heat a cup of water , add the teaspoon of this spice powder and palm sugar as per your need,bring them to boil.

Strain the coffee and enjoy immediately..

Method 2:
1no Sukku (small piece)
2nos Dry amla pieces
1tsp Coriander seeds
4nos Peppercorns
1tsp Palm sugar

Grind coarsely the dry ginger(sukku),dry amla,coriander seeds and pepper corns.

For two serving:
Add immediately to enough water and bring them to boil, strain the coffee and add the palm sugar as per need..

Enjoy hot.


  1. wow..thats a healthy drink priya. A must after a heavy dinner!

  2. Super combination. must try :)

  3. I should get this and keep, nice post Priya..

  4. great tips ka, i will try this wen i get cold...

  5. very useful post, now its flu season here so this will come handy. thanks for sharing.

  6. This is indeed a very useful post. Thank you Priya for sharing this :-)

  7. Love the ingredients .Fresh ... i will be lazy doing that everytime.On my next visit to india i will get this powder ready and tada within minutes hot healthy soup ready .

  8. yummy drink!!! very healthy, soothing and very refreshing!!


  9. nice combo...useful post...will try this..thanks for sharing..

  10. Great idea of mixing dry Amla and dry Ginger, healthy post.

  11. What a delicious idea for coffee, although I don't know where I'd find amla here. I love dry ginger powder, though, and add it to all sorts of things, including tea.

  12. That is one healthy combo of powder.

  13. Awesome homemad sukku with amla. Must be so soothing

  14. Very interesting and informative post.
    Thanks for sharing.

  15. Je découvre toujours de nouvelles choses en venant chez toi.
    C'est noté.
    A bientôt

  16. Very interesting and nice post.. awesome combo..

  17. Informative post Priya,thanks for sharing.

  18. wow thats a healthy 1 there ..well written..

  19. wow fantastic posi with gooseberry.. a very very aromatic one .. loving it !!

  20. This is really good. I know about termaric powder but its good that dry amla and dry ginger are also useful for cooking any variety. I will include it in easy food recipe ideas for instant mixture.

  21. Thanks for sharing.My younger one always getting sick.

  22. Healthy powder.Sukku coffee theriyum, sukku nelli coffee puthusu. Thanks for sharing this with Gayathri's WTML Event.


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